Saturday, January 16, 2010

Poll Result- When Did You Start The 2009-2010 Dance Class Season

The last poll question asked dance teachers and studio owners when they started their 2009-2010 dance season.
4 responded that they started classes before school started.
4 responded that their classes started the same week that public school began in their community.
26 responded that their dancers were back dancing a week or more after school started.

I know that most dance studios keep their doors open throughout the summer with summer classs and camps, as well as competition rehearsals,and community performances. Our question asked, however, when all students returned to class. As a dance teacher, I always liked to have dance classes start up as soon as possible in the late summer or early fall, to get the cash flowing again. However, now as a mother of dancers, I prefer dance classes start after the kids get settled into their school routine again. I've experienced my daughter going to the first day of school and then immediately going to dance class after school. That first week is always rough on entire families, so it's nice to ease back into the activity schedule. It's another example of how my views have changed from being single and a dance teacher, to being married and a dance teacher, to being a parent and a dance teacher.
Thanks to those who have participated in the poll!

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