Monday, December 3, 2007

Honoring Dedicated Students

Honoring Your Dedicated Students

At the end of your recital, honor the students that have been with you for years. For students that have been with you for 5 years, present them with a certificate and/or flowers. Students that you have been teaching for 10 and 15 years present them with an honorary plaque. Make it short & sweet or be a little fancy. For example, have each dancer walk down the center aisle in a formal dress or gown escorted by her father in a suite or tux. Give a brief presentation of her name, her parents names, number of years dancing with you, grade and name of school she attends, her goals, and her dreams. Have the father give her a kiss and escort her up on the stage. Present her with an award and quickly give hugs and kisses. Make the presentation memorable, but keep it moving quickly. Don't get caught up in exteme emotions of crying and babble.

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