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TV Land Theme

TV Land

Scene I


Happy Days- Put on poodle skirts and dance to the theme song from Happy Days by Pratt & McClain.

Brady Bunch- Change to the 70's and begin the dance with the Brady Bunch theme song. Then continue with the song It's A Sunshine Day by the Brady Bunch.

Partridge Family- Continue the 70's flavor and dance to Come On Get Happy by the Partridge Family. The song can also be found on the album Big Rock Rooster by Daddy A Go Go.

Addams Family- Dress Halloween spook style and either dance to the Addams Family theme song or the Addams Family song by Mc Hammer.

Gilligan's Island- Many different sounding versions of the Gilligan's Island theme song can be found when searching iTunes. If you do not want to dress up as the characters of the show, choose island costumes or tropical prints.

Green Acres- Make half your dancers country and half city and dance to the theme song from Green Acres. It can be found on the CD simply titled TV Themes.

Cheers- Choreograph to the song Where Everyone Knows You Name by the Countdown Singers.

The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air- Do some beginner level hip hop to the theme song found on the CD titled TV Themes or the DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince Greatest Hits Album.

Twin Peaks- Perform some lyrical to How Do You Talk To An Angel by Countdown on the Tv's Greatest Hits Vol I.

Friends- Close the first scene with the well known song I'll Be There For You by the Rembrandts.
The Jefferson's- Tap to the theme song from The Jefferson's on the CD TV Themes.
Married With Children- Dance to the song Love And Marriage by Frank Sinatra.
The Drew Carey Show- Use the song Cleveland Rocks by The Presidents Of The United States Of America on the album Pure Frosting.

Scene II


Love Boat- Pick a nautical theme and dance to the theme song. The theme song can also be found on the TV Themes album.

Bonanza- Choose a fun cowgirl costume and dance to the theme song that can be found on The Ultimate TV Themes Collection: Western. You could also find a dance mix, updated version of the song. Tumbling to Bonanza is also fun.

Dallas- Continue the western drama theme and dance to the theme song from Dallas. The song can be found on the Ultimate TV Theme Collection: Soaps by the International TV Orchestra.

Young And The Restless- Slow down and showcase some ballet from this popular soap opera. The theme song can be found on 100 Greatest TV Themes Volume 2 by the Daniel Caine Orchestra.

Fame- Pick up the pace by dancing to the hit song Fame by Irene Cara. Let a larger group of older dancers perform this piece.

ER- Costume dancers in surgical scrubs and dance to the ER theme by Cathodic Orchestra Selected Hits Vol 2.
The Wonder Years- Use the song With A Little Help From My Friends by Joe Cocker.
Grey's Anatomy- The theme song to the show is Cosy In The Rocket by Psapp. You can be found on the Grey's Anotomy original soundtrack.

Scene III


Mission Impossible- Use the TV Themes Album or the main title theme from the original motion picture score from the movie with Tom Cruise.

Miami Vice- Go for white pants and a variety of brightly colored sport coats and dance to the theme song by Jack Hammer on the Escape From Television Album or you could try Vice (Miami Vice) by Grandmaster Melle Mel.

NYPD Blue- Honor the NYPD and dance to the theme song that also can be found on the Ultimate TV Theme Collection: Cops by the International TV Orchestra.

Hawaii Five-O- The theme song for Hawaii Five-O can also be found on the above album. Put tropical print in your show once again.

Dukes Of Hazzard- You can tap to Good Ol' Boys the theme song and wear tasteful daisy duke shorts. The theme song is by Waylon Jennings.
Charlie's Angels- You can find the theme song to Charlie's Angels on the album The Ultimate TV Themes Collection: Cops by The International TV Orchestra.
Pink Panther- The Pink Panther theme song can be found on the album 100 TV Themes by The TV Theme Players.

Scene VI

"Children's Shows"

Teletubbies- You necessarily don't have to make your dancers be teletubbie characters. Picking costumes in a combo of blue, red, yellow, purple, and green would do fine. The song Teletubbies Say "Eh-Oh" can by found on the Kids TV Themes album by The Hit Crew.

Barney- Have someone be Barney to dance around with your younger dance students, or just pick dark purple costumes. Use the theme song from the Barney TV show or use one of the popular Barney hits.

Sesame Street- The Hit Crew has a very good dance version of Tell Me How To Get To Sesame Street that is perfect.

Bob The Builder- The International TV Orchestra has a great 3 minute dance mix to the theme song of Bob The Builder. Choose an overall bib style costume.

Dora The Explorer- Kidzone has a 1:46 length version of the theme song on the album Children's TV Favorites. Costume all dancers like Dora or have one dancer play the part.

The Wiggles- You can pick any of the popular hits that the Wiggles sing. If you don't know much about the Wiggles, I recommend Hot Potato.

Dragon Tales- A good opportunity to purchase the cute dragon custom that you see in the costume catalogs all the time, but was never sure where to put dragons in your show. Now is the chance. Use the Dragon Tales theme song from the Dragon Tales Album.

Sponge Bob Squarepants- I recommend dancing to the theme song and maybe get the audience to sing along too. Then continue with the song Best Day Ever from the Sponge Bob Movie Soundtrack.

Scooby Doo- It is fun to dress up as the various Scooby Doo characters. If you have too many dancers, have the other dancers be monsters. The Hit Crew has a Scooby version and so does The Goggle Box Band on the album Children's TV Themes For Boys.

The Flintstones- Once again the TV Themes (album and artist) contains the theme song. It can be found simply on iTunes. Have the dance group dance barefoot and pick a cave man style costume.

Batman- The Ultimate TV Theme Collection: Classics by International Orchestra has the Batman Theme Song. You could also experiment with the motion picture soundtracks. In various costume catalogs you can find some appealing batman costumes.

Spiderman- Blend the batman scene into the spiderman scene to celebrate animated superheros and dance to the Spiderman Theme Song by Kidzone on the Children's TV Favorites CD.

Peanuts- Honor all the Charlie Brown & Snoopy shows that have been on TV throughout the years and use the Peanuts song from 100 Greatest TV Themes Vol. 2.

Drake & Josh- Close this scene with a total change of pace to represent some of the shows our kids are in love with today. Jazz dance to I Found A Way by Drake Bell from the original soundtrack of the TV show by Nickelodeon.

Hannah Montanna- Continue the theme and end the scene with the very popular Hannah Montana. Dance to the song Best Of Both Worlds. You can find it on the Hannah Montana Songs From And Inspired By The Hit TV Series Album.
iCarly- The theme song to iCarly is Leave It All To Me. It can be found on the album iCarly (Music From & Inspired by the Hit TV Show.)
The Monkees- Use the theme song from The Monkees by The Monkees.

Scene V

"Reality TV"

American Bandstand- Begin the scene with one of the original variety shows that was actually reality TV when you think about it. The well known theme song can also be found on the TV Themes album. Build some different levels of platforms for students to dance on.

Survivor- This will be a short piece, but dance to the theme song Ancient Voices by Russ Landau. Have dancers wear jeans, white t-shirts, bare feet, and a buff that they can wear however they like. Get down into the floor and perform as much modern dance as you can in the length of the piece.

American Idol- Dress like rock stars and use the American Idol Theme Song version by The Idolatry Pop Orchestra.

The Girls Next Door- Yeah, I know this is kind of a sexy TV show to feature in a dance recital, but the theme song is fun. Pick tasteful costumes and tap dance to Come On To My House by Rosemary Clooney.
The Hils- Use the song Long Way To Happy from The Hills soundtrack.

Deadliest Catch- The theme song to this show is Dead Or Alive by Bon Jovi.

Biggest Loser- I just like the theme song to this show. It makes you feel pumped up. It is Proud by Richard Niles.

The Apprentice- This is also a really fun song. For The Love Of Money by The O'Jays. Use paper money that dancers can full out spontaneously and throw around.
Queer Eye- The theme song for Queer Eye is All Things (Just Keep Getting Better) by Widelife.
My Super Sweet 16- The theme song is Sweet Sixteen by Hilary Duff.

Final Notes

*If you would like to research more about TV history, visit It would also be interesting to include dates, facts, or bits of funny trivia about each TV show in your dance recital program.*

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