Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Celebrate America Theme

Celebrate America

Act I

Scene I


*Choose various red costumes for this scene.*

National Anthem- At the beginning of the show, right before the curtain goes up, play the National Anthem Of USA. A good version is by Patriotic Players on the Classic Americana Songs album.

Born In The USA- by Bruce Springsteen

When The Saints Go Marching In- For younger students, try the version by Veggie Tales from the Veggie Tales- O' Veggie, Where Art Thou.

Stars And Stripes- Tap to the version of the song by Patriotic Fathers from the album named 4th of July.

America The Beautiful- also by the Patriotic Fathers. Perform ballet.

4th Of July- by Joanna from the album Crazy Life.

Courtesy Of The Red, White, And Blue- by Toby Keith

Battle Hymn Of The Republic- by The Patriotic Players

The Pledge Of Allegiance- End the first scene with the song Pledge Of Allegiance by Lee Greenwood.

Scene II


*Choose various white themed costumes for this scene.*

Chariots Of Fire- by Vanngelis

Philadelphia Freedom- Perform some jazz dance to this song by Elton John.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star- Choose any of the numerous children's versions of the song.

Amazing Grace- Choreograph ballet to the version of the song by Darlene Zschech.

Take Me Out To The Ball Game- Pick up the mood and dance to this version of the song by the artist Fourth Of July from the album 4th Of July.

Surfin USA- by the Beach Boys

Olympic Fanfare- by The U.S. Navy Band Sea Chanters Chorus

Since this is the last dance before intermission, choreograph a larger production number with various styles of dance and tumbling. Incorporate props such as ribbons, hoops, and flags.

Act II

Scene III


*Choose various blue costumes for this scene.*

Twistin U.S.A.- by Chubby Checker

America The Dream Goes On- by the U.S. Navy Band Sea Chanters Chorus

American Made- by the Oakridge Boys

Martin Luther King- by Cathy Fink from the album When The Rain Comes Down

Our Country- by John Mellencamp

Sweet Southern Comfort- by Buddy Jewel

Taps- Close this scene with Taps by the O'Neill Brothers from the CD Celebrate America

Scene IV

"Stars and Stripes"

*Choose various costumes that have stars and stripe patterns.*

Yankee Doodle Dandy- tap to this song and use the version by the Patriotic Players or any fun, upbeat children's version.

O, Suzanna- young tappers can tap to this song by Ed McCurdy's Children's Songs-The Greatest Hits or any other tapable version.

Tie A Yellow Ribbon- by Tony Orlando

Have a younger group perform to this song.

American Pie- Have older students dance modern to the song by Don McLean. There is also a good version by the Brady Bunch.

I Have A Dream- by Fusion Sound

Finale- Good Bless The USA- by Lee Greenwood

Make this the big finish to the end of your dance recital.

Fireworks- At the very end of the last dance, when all the dancers are on stage, play Big Bang Fireworks Display by Patriotic Fathers. It is a great 30 seconds of firework explosion sounds. Fantastic!!!!!!!

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