Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Outer Space Theme





Somewhere Out There- by James Ingram

Open your show with this song. Make it a ballet or contemporary piece. Possibly incorporate the idea of dancers gaving out a huge window, before going to bed. Maybe dance in pajamas or dresses that look like nightgowns.

When You Wish Upon A Star- Disney Version

This is for young dancers

Swing On A Star- Hudson Hawk, Motion Picture Soundtrack

I'm A Star- by Prince

All Star- Smash Mouth

Star- by Earth, Wind, and Fire

Lucky Star- by Madonna

Luck Star- by Karma Club

Satellite- by the Dave Matthews Band

Shining Star- by B5



*During the scene change, play the ET (Flying Scene) song. It's on the album Greastest Sci Fi Themes by The Hit Crew.*

Mack The Knife- by Bobby Darin

Man On The Moon- by R.E.M.

Blue Moon- by Rosemary Clooney

Beneath A Desert Moon- by Sting

New Moon On Monday- by Duran Duran

Twilight Zone- by Underground Spell

Cats In The Cradel- by Harry Chaplin

Moonbeam- by Donna Lewis

Goodnight Moon- Do a modern dance to a recorded reading of this popular children's book.

Moonlight Sonata- by Beethoven



*During the scene change, play the theme song from 2001 Space Odyssey. It is also on the Hit Crew's Sci Fi Greatest Hits Album.*

Milky Way- by Bill Harley from the album Down In The Backpack

Mars- Pump Up The Volume by Marrs

Venus- by Bananarama

Earth- Planet Earth by Prince

Mercury- the song Mercury by Kitaro

Use this for a modern piece.

Saturn- Space Jam by the Space Cadets

Uncorporate balls and hula hops in this dance to represent the rings in saturn.

Jupiter- the song Jupiter by Jewel

Uranus- the song Surfin Uranus on the album Solar System Slide by Dr. Planet.

Pluto- the song Fiesta Pluto also by Dr. Planet

Neptune- the song Neptume Lullaby by Dr. Planet

Gravity- Defying Gravity by Idina Menzel



*During the scene change, play the Stars Wars Theme.*

Let The Sun Shine- (Terrace Vocal Radio Edit) by Milk & Sugar from Let The Sun Shine Edition 2

Walking On The Sun- by Smash Mouth

Mr. Golden Sun- by Barney

Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me- by Elton John and George Michael

Pocket Full Of Sunshine- by Natasha Bedingfield

Sunshine Days- by the Brady Bunch

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