Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Dance For Your Dinner Theme

Dance For Your Dinner

Act I

Be Our Guest- From Disney's Little Mermaid

Open your show with a larger production number to this well known song.

Scene I

"Boogie At The Bakery"

Boogie Woogie Bakery Man- by Betty Allan, Diane Pendleton, and Gloria Wood

Pie- Bye Bye Miss American Pie, use the version by The Hit Crew

Hot Cross Buns- by The Countdown Kids, Ultimate Kids Song Collection 101

Crunchy Munchy Honey Cakes- by The Wiggles

Cookies- "C" Is For Cookie by Cookie Monster from Sesame Street

Cake- Cut The Cake by Average White Band

Bread And Butter- Bread & Butter by The Newbeats

Scene II

"Snack Attack"

Salsa- Shake Senora by The Hit Crew

Pretzels- Let's Twist Again by Chubby Checker

Curly Fries- The Curly Shuffle by Jump 'N The Saddle Band

Animal Crackers- Animal Crackers In My Soup by Shirley Temple or Maria Muldaur

Popcorn- by Crazy Frog or Hot Butter

Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich- by Chip Man & The Buckwheat Boyz

Scene III


Ketchup- The Ketchup Song by Kidz Bop 4

Honey- Winnie The Pooh by The Chieftains

Jam- Pump Up The Jam by Technotronic

Cheese- Cheese Please from the album What's Cooking (Inspired by the movie Ratatouille)

Whip Cream- Whip It by Devo

Scene IV

"Sweet Treats"

I Want Candy- by Bow Wow Wow

Lollipop- by The Hit Crew

Bubble Gum- by the Slumber Party Girls

This is a good song for a beginning hip hop class.

Taffy- Tutti Frutti by Little Richard

Peppermints- Peppermint Twist by Joey Dee & The Starlites

Chocolate- Wonka Welcome Mix from the Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory soundtrack

M & M's- MMM Boy by Hanson

Gummi Bears- The Gummi Bears Theme from the album The Disney Afternoon Songbook (Music From Hit TV Shows)

Scene V

"Morning Meals"

Breakfast At Tiffany's- by Deep Blue Something

Pancakes- I Sure Love Pancakes by Juliette McDonald

Eggs- Easter Bunny Hop by The Hit Crew

Green Eggs & Ham- from Seussical The Musical

Muffins- Do You Know The Muffin Many by The Kids All-Stars

Act II

Scene VI

"Spicy & Hot"

Mambo Italiano- by The Hit Crew's album Drew's Famous-Kid's Pizza Party Music

Spaghetti- Use any version of the song On Top Of Spaghetti

Lasagna- by Weird Al Yankovic

Pizza- I Am A Pizza by Linda Arnold from the album Peppermint Wings & Magical Songs For Children

Pasta- by Linda Arnold from the same album as above.

Taco- Taco Grande from the album What's Cooking (Inspired by the movie Ratatouille)

Chili- Hot Chili Mama by The Best Of Beausdeil

Scene VII

"Cool Treats"

Ice Cream- by Sarah McLauchlan

Rocky Road Ice Cream- I Love Rocky Road by Weird Al Yankovic

Slushy- Have a mommy & me class or a toddler class do an improv freeze dance or use the Crazy Frog version of Ice Ice Baby.

Popsicle- by New Kids On The Block

Banana Split For My Baby- by Johnny Neet from What's Cooking (Inspired by the movie Rataouille)

Scene VIII

"Main Dishes"

Chicken Noodle Soup- Chicken Noodle Soup by Webster & Young B or the version by Kidz Bop Kids

Chicken- Shake A Tail Feather by the Cheetah Girls from the Chicken Little soundtrack.

Cheeseburger- Cheeseburger In Paradise by Jimmy Buffet

Hot Dogs- Who Let The Dogs Out by the Baha Men

Scene IX

"Fruits & Veggies"

Fruit Salad- by The Wiggles

Strawberries- Straw-buh-buh-buh-buh berry shortcake from the Strawberry Shortcake album Strawberry Jams

Grapes- Heard It Through The Grapevine by Marvin Gaye

Apples & Bananas- by Barney

Bananas- Bananas In Pajamas by The Hit Crew

Cherries- Life Is Just A Bowl Of Cherries from the musical Fosse

Plums- The Dance Of The Sugarplum Fairy from the Nutcracker Ballet

Spinach- I'm Popeye The Sailor Man (End Credit Song) by Mark Mothersbaugh

Potato- Hot Potato by The Wiggles

Cabbage- Cabbage Patch Dolls by McCroskey Music from the album Better Than Candy

Scene X

"Quench Your Thirst"

Coffee & Hot Chocolate- Steam Heat from the musical Fosse

Rootbeer- Rootbeer Rag by Billy Joel

Use for a tumbling number.

Red Wine- Red Red Wine by UB40

Smoothie- Smooth by Santana featuring Rob Thomas

Lemonade- by Chris Rice

Use for a contemporary piece.

Water- Facades by Phillip Glass

Use for a modern piece.

Grande Finale

Food Glorious Food- from the musical Oliver

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