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Inventive Dance Theme

Inventive Dance

*This dance recital theme is based on inventions*

1900- The modern escalator was invented by Charles Seeberger.
Use the song Escalator by Skylark (hip hop dance)

1901- Hubert Booth invented the compact and modern vacuum cleaner.
Use the song Vance The Vacuum Cleaner by Leslie Bixler on the album Moon Food. Have small students dance with toy vacuum cleaners. You could also us Vacuum Cleaner by Sleep Machines. This is vacuum cleaner sound effects or white noise. Do a short modern dance to the sound effects or splice it into another piece of music.

1903- Crayons were co-invented by Edward Binney & Harold Smith.
Use the song Crazy Crayons by Aunty E from the Rockstar Princess Album. (Beginning Jazz or Tap)

1904- Teabags were invented by Thomas Suillivan
Use the Song Little Tea Pot by Sandy Champion (beginning jazz)

1905- Albert Einstein published the theory of relativity and made famous the equation E=mc2.
Try out the song Relativity by Dream Voyager on the album Is Anybody Out There.

1906- Cornflakes were invented by William Kellogg.
Try choreographing a modern dance to Cornflake Girl by Tori Amos. Use the clean version.

1907- Color Photography was invented by Auguste & Louis Lumiere.
Dance to True Colors by Cyndi Lauper.

1910- Thomas Edison demonstrated the first talking motion picture.
Use the Let's Go To The Movies song from the original motion picture soundtrack of Annie.

1912- Clarence Crane created Life Savers.
Check out the song (Your Love Is A) Life Saver by Carla Thomas.

1913- Gideon Sundback invented the modern zipper.
This is a cool song- The Zipper Scratch by DJ Yoda.

1918- Charles Jung invented fortune cookies.
Try out the song Fortune Cookie by David Pascucci.

1920- The Band-Aid was invented by Earle Dickson.
Dance to the Boo Boo Stick Beat by Chet Atkins.

1921- The first robot was built.
Use the Robot Rock by Daft Punk for a tumbling routine or I Robot (Instrumental) by The Alan Parsons Project, The Definitive Collection.

1923- The traffic signal was invented by Garrett A. Morgan.
Try Stoplight by Ms. Maria from the album Cool School With Ms. Maria, Follow The Alphabet Road.

1928- Scottish biologist Alexander Fleming discovers penicillin.
Try You Are Virus (Penicillin Mix) by And-E & Mac Lane, The Anthology Volume 1 & 2.

1932- Polaroid Photography was invented by Edwin Herbert Land.
Use the song Hey Ya by Outkast.

1933- Stereo Records was invented.
Use the song You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) by Dead Or Alive or the version by Jessica Simpson.

1934- Charles Darrow claims he invented the game Monopoly.
See what you think of the song Monopoly by Christopher Hooper.

1937- Chester R. Carlson invents the photocopier.
Try Copy Cat by Gary U.S. Bonds or Copy Cat Rap by The Starbugs (regular or instrumental version.)

1938- The ballpoint pen was invented by Ladislo Biro.
Perform a ballet to I Write The Songs by Barry Manilow.

1940- Peter Goldmark invents modern color television system.
Try TV Song by Blue Man Group or Television by Dave Edmunds.

1943- The slinky was invented by Richard James.
How about Slinky Wizard by Slinky Wizard A Voyage Into Trance (mixed by Paul Oakenfold)

1948- Robert Hope-Jones invented the Jukebox.
Do a tap number to Don't Rock The Jukebox by Alan Jackson or Jukebox by The Brian Setzer Orchestra.

1949- Cake mix was invented.
Some song choices are Birthday Cake by Randy Stahla, Makin' A Cake by Soli & Rob, or Birthday Cake by Parachute Express (Sunny Side Up Album.)

1950- The first credit card was invented by Ralph Schneider.
Check out Credit Card Shuffle by Voodoo DeVille for tap.

1952- Mr. Potato Head was patented.
Try the song Strange Things by Randy Newman from the Toy Story movie.

1952- The first diet soda was sold.
Maybe use the song Soda Pop by Britney Spears.

1953- The transistor radio was invented by Texas Instruments.
Dance to Let The Music Play by Shannon.

1954- Ray Kroc started McDonald's
Try the song Hamburger Hop by Less Than Jake for tap.

1956- Bette Nesmith Graham invented "Mistake Out," later renamed Liquid Paper, to paint over mistakes made by a typewriter.
Dance to Make A Mistake by Brad Paisley or Oops I Did It Again by Britney Spears.

1958- Hula Hoop was invented by Richard Knerr and Arthur "Spud" Melin.
Use the song Hula Hoop by Kathy Fink & Marcy Marxer from the album Bon Appetit! Musical Food Fun. You could also use the version of the Hula Hoop Song by The Hit Crew.

1959- The Barbie Doll was invented.
Dance to the song Barbie Girl by Aqua.

1962- Spacewar, the first computer video game was invented.
Try Basic Computer Game by 2Acid.

1965- Astroturf was invented.
Use the song Astroturf by Stacey Morris or The Hey Song-Football Theme from the album Arean Themes (tumbling routine.)

Soft Contact Lenses were also invented in 1965.
Dance to the song I Can See Clearly Now by any of the many various artists that have sung a version of this song.

1967- The handheld calculator was invented.
Use the song Pocket Calculator by Kraftwerk or Glomag.

1969- The ATM was invented.
How about the song For The Love Of Money by The O'Jays.

1971- The VCR was invented.
Tap to the song If I Was A VCR by Gary Campbell.

1972- The word processor was invented.
Dance to Word Up by Cameo.
Pong the first video game was invented by Nolan Bushnell.
Try the song Pong Pang by Booka Shade.
The Hacky Sack was also invented in 1972 by John Stalberger & Mike Marshall.
Dance to Hacky Sack Jig by Rich Niebaum.

1974- Arthur Fry invented the post-it-note.
Choreography a dance to My List by Toby Keith.

1975- The push-through tab on a drink can was invented.
Do some hip hop to the song Push It by Salt & Pepa.

1979- Cellular phones were invented.
Try the song Call Me by Blonde.
The walkman was also invented.
Dance to Dancing With Myself by Bill Idol.
Roller Blades were invented by Scott Olson also in 1979.
Try the song Skateaway by Dire Straits.

1983- The first cabbage patch kid was sold.
Use the song Cabbage Patch Dolls by Keith Whittal from the album Children's Paradise.

1986- Fuji introduced the disposable camera.
Try the song Photgraph by Nickelback.

1988- Doppler Radar was invented by Christian Andreas Dopplar.
Do a fun dance to It's Raining Men by The Weather Girls.

1990- The World Wide Web/Internet protocol (HTTP) and www language (HTML) was created by Tim Berners-Lee.
Try using the song E-Mail My Heart by Britney Spears.

1991- The digital answering machine was invented.
Try Call Me Beep Me (Kim Possible Song) by Banaroo.

1995- The DVD was invented.
The best suggestion I have is the song I'm A Believer by Smash Mouth.

2003- The hybrid car was invented by Toyota.
Try the song Fast Car by Tracy Chapman for a modern/contemporary dance or try the pop version of the song by Jiggy.

2005- You Tube was invented by Steve Chen and Chad Hurley.
Try the song You And Me by Lifehouse.

2007- iPhone by Apple was invented.
Maybe iPhone Killer (Instrumental In Style Of Sean Paul) from the album 50 RnB & Hip Hop Beats Vol 1 (New Rap & Soul Karaoke Chart Playbacks) by Raw Flava Productions.

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