Sunday, September 14, 2008

Halloween Theme


Act I

Scene I

"Halloween Night Dare"

Trick-Or-Treat- Start out the story of your show with trick-or-treaters looking for an adventure filled evening of fun. Have them dance to the song I Want Candy by Aaron Carter.

Haunted House- Have more trick-or-treater children join the dancers who danced to I Want Candy. All the children have a conversation and a dare game about going up to the haunted house to trick-or-treat. The children then dance in front of the haunted house to the song Addams Groove by MC Hammer.

Come On To My House- A group of trick-or-treaters that accept the dare journey on to trick-or-treat at the haunted house. When they knock on the door, have a solo dancer open the door to the haunted house with squeaky door sound effects. Have the dancer tap to the song Come On To My House by Rosemary Clooney. While she is dancing have her entice the trick-or-treaters inside the haunted house.

Candy- The trick-or-treaters are mesmerized by the plentiful amount to candy that is being offered to them inside the haunted house. Have the trick-or-treaters and the solo dancer do some acting and dancing along with some smaller dancers that are dressed in different kinds of candy styled costumes. Dance to the song Candy Man. You can use the version by The Hit Crew on the album 57 Greatest Halloween Songs, Stories, & Sounds.

Somebody's Watching Me- After the candy dance, have the inside of the haunted house dim and the candy dancers and the character that opened the door disappear. The trick-or-treaters become nervous. Have the next group of dancers come out in detective costumes and use magnifying glasses for a props. Have them dance on stage, but have the trick-or-treaters always looking the other way or involved in something in the opposite direction of the dancers. Dance to the song Somebody's Watching Me. Use The Hit Crew's version on their album Halloween Costume Party Music.

Exploring- The trick-or-treaters decide to explore the haunted house a little more. Have them tip toe around to the music of the Alfred Hitchcock Theme on The Hit Crew's album 30 Greatest Halloween Songs Themes & Sounds or The Funeral March Of A Marionette on The Hit Crew's album 57 Kids Greatest Halloween Songs, Stories & Sounds. Have the detective dancers from the last dance leave behind a few of their detective hats and spy glasses. The trick-or-treaters can then find the props, put them on, and use them as they sneak around and explore the haunted house. This is also an opportunity to change the scenery. Have some dancers posed as statues and have them dance when the trick-or-treaters aren't looking. You could also have some dancers posed holding paintings in front of them. Have them also move when backs are turned.

Who Let The Ghost Out- The trick-or-treaters decide to open a door in the haunted house. Suddenly have funky ghosts jump out and start dancing to Who Let The Ghost Out by The Hit Crew on the album DJ's Choice- Drew's Famous Kids Pop Halloween Hits.

Ghostbusters- At first the trick-or-treaters are scared and one of them makes an emergency call to the ghostbusters. The next group of dancers bust onto the stage as ghostbusters and dance to the song Ghostbuster by Ray Parker Jr. At the end of the dance the trick-or-treaters decide that they like these ghosts and chase the ghostbusters away.

Friendly Ghost- The ghosts are thankful that the children turned the ghostbusters away from their home. Another group of dancers come out in different ghost styled costumes and dance to Casper The Friendly Ghost by The Hit Crew on the album Bestest Kids Halloween Songs Ever.

Boo- Even more ghosts appear and more dancers dance to the song Boo from The Hit Crew's album Bestest Kids Halloween Songs Ever.

Spirits- As the ghost's party scene fades away some more serious spirits appear. Have older dancers do a ballet/contemporary piece to Casper's Lullaby by James Horner from the movie Casper.

Scene II


The trick-or-treaters leave the ghosts and decide to continue on exploring the haunted house. During the scene change, and as the trick-or-treaters sneak around to another area of the house, play the Exorcist Theme/Tubular Bells. Try the version on the album Halloween Scream Themes/Horror Movie Music With Blood Curdling Sound FX.

Witches- Inside the next room in the haunted house the children encounter witches. Have a group of older dancers be witches and dance to the song Defying Gravity. Use the pop version of the song which is the Funky Junction & Antony Reale Club Mix.

Elvira- All of the witches stay on stage, but another witch in a different costume appears. Have her dance to the song Elvira. Use The Hit Crew's version of the song on the album Halloween Costume Party Music.

Witch Doctors- Another group of funky Witches joins the bunch. Have them perform a hip hop routine to Witch Doctor from the Alvin & The Chipmunks motion picture soundtrack.

Witchcraft- All of the witches decide to brew up some spells. Have them gather around a fogging cauldron. Another group of contemporary witches come on to the stage and dance as the witches work on their spells and potions. This group dances ballet or lyrical to Hedwig's Theme (from Harry Potter.) You can use the version of the song on The Hit Crew's album Kids Halloween Party Music.

Black Magic- Pick up the pace of the scene and have a group of tapping cute witches come out and dance to That Old Black Magic by Louis Prima.

Abracadabra- The witches are close to casting their spell. Dancers come out that resemble magicians. They can wear capes and maybe magic wands. Have them perform to the song Abracadabra by the Steve Miller Band.

Magic Potion- The witches cast their spell from their magic brew and even more witches come out to dance to the song Love Potion #9. You could think of costuming these witches as hippy styled witches.

Party- The witches taste their potion, as well as the trick-or-treaters who decide to taste it also. Everyone parties and more dancers come out on stage and dance to the song Tequila by The Champs. You can incorporate tumbling into this dance too.

Cats- The witches then decide to introduce the trick-or-treater guests to their cats. Dancers costumed as cats then perform to Jellicle Ball from the musical cats.

The Wicked Witch- Suddenly, thunder and lightning strike. All the witches get scared and the wicked witch enters the scene. She scolds the nice witches for partying and released her Black Cats.

Black Cats- The next group of dancers, dressed as black cats, perform a high powered jazz routine to Black Cat by Janet Jackson.

Ding Dong The Witch is Dead- The children decide to sneak up on the wicked witch and throw a bucket of water on her. The wicked witch melts away and everyone cheers. Although, the black cats are angry and the children and other witches have to think quickly. The witches quickly cast a spell to release dogs to chase the black cats away.

Dogs- A group of small beginning jazz students dressed as puppies then perform to Who Let The Dogs Out by the Baha Men.

Scooby- Before the applause ends for the dogs, have scooby doo burst onto the scene. Have more little dancers dressed as scooby doos and have them dance to the song Scooby Doo from the album Rhymes 'n' Rhythm- Children's Favourite Cartoon Themes. This version of the song is nice, because it is 3 minutes and 30 seconds long.

Scene III

"The Science Lab"

The trick-or-treaters say goodbye to the Witches and decide to explore the basement of the haunted house.

Twilight Zone- As the children journey down into the dungeon of the basement, have dancers come on to the stage and dance to the song Twilight Zone. Use The Hit Crew's version on the album Drew's Famous Halloween Party Music. Costume the dancers in unitards with glow in the dark designs or have them use glow in the dark props.

Mad Scientist- In the basement the trick-or-treaters find mad scienctists. Have the mad scientists wear a white lab coat and large glasses that magnify their eyes. Dance to the song Weird Science by Oingo Boingo.

Frankenstein- The mad scientists then unveil their first creation, green Frankenstein characters. Costume dancers in fluorescent green and have them dance to She Blinded Me With Science. Use the Hit Crew's version on the album Halloween Costume Party Music.

Experiment Gone Wrong- The mad scientists then try a new experiment that goes wrong. Use some fog and explosion sound effects and have a group of dancers appear wearing plain colored unitards (half in one color and half wearing a different color) and sunglasses. Have this group do a modern, comical dance to the song Psychokiller by The Bobs. In part of the dance, use large rubber bands to connect the dancers inner legs as they move.

Little Shop Of Horrors- Since the last experiment went wrong, the trick-or-treaters quickly help the mad scientists come up with an antidote to get rid of the last group of crazy characters that were created in the mad scientists' lab. When the last group of dancers disappear, have the last dance of the scene be to the song Little Shop Of Horrors from the broadway musical.

Scene IV

"Backyard Graveyard"

Backyard Graveyard- The trick-or-treaters decide to leave the inside of the haunted house and explore the backyard. In the backyard they discover a graveyard. While they are exploring the backyard graveyard, use the theme song Halloween, from the movie Halloween. You can simply use the version on the Hit Crew's album Halloween Big Screen Thrillers.

Thriller- While in the graveyard the trick-or-treaters become nervous. Creatures start to rise from the graveyard as the full moon reaches its highest position in the sky. Have dancers dressed in various costumes dance to Thriller by Michael Jackson.

Scream- Towards the end of the dance, have the trick-or-treaters get scared as they back into and bump into more trick-or-treaters who have also been out exploring the graveyard. Both sets of trick-or-treaters join forces and dance to the song Scream by Michael Jackson.

Munsters- Some of the monsters start to talk to the scared trick-or-treaters. They explain that they are just enjoying their one evening of fun on Halloween and are just here to dance, party, and have a good time. They don't mean to scare tonight. A smaller group of ghouls come out and dance to The Munsters Theme. Use the version from the Hit Crew's album Bestest Kids Halloween Songs Ever.

Purple People Eaters- Use smaller dancers for this group and have them dressed in all purple. Have them do a cute, comical dance to Purple People Eater. A version of the song is on the Hit Crew's album DJ's Choice- Drew's Famous Kids Pop Halloween Hits.

Super Freaks- Design a crazy superhero styled monster costume and maybe incorporate capes and different colored wigs. Have this group dance to the song Super Freak by Rick James.

Phantoms- Change the mood to serious and have the next group be phantoms. Think Dracula style. Dance to the song Phantom Of The Opera. Use the '94 single version which is a dance mix. It is by Harajuku.

Skeletons- Behind some tombstones, have some skeletons appear. Have them dance to Skeleton Dance by the Hit Crew on the album Drew's Famous-Kids Fun Halloween Party Music.

Little Skeletons- Another group of smaller skeletons join the stage. Have them dance to Dry Bones (Head Bone Connected To....) The Hit Crew has a version of the song on the album Drew's Famous Kids Fun Halloween Party Music. These skeletons can have glow in the dark bones on their costumes.

Werewolves- Suddenly, out jumps werewolves. Have the werewolves dance to Wooly Bully. Use the Hit Crew's version of the song on the album Bestest Kids Halloween Songs Ever.

Devils- Red devils then appear and they dance to the Peter Gunn theme by Henry Mancini.

She Devil- Among the devils, a single, female, blue devil appears. She performs a solo to Devil With The Blue Dress On by Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels.

Monster Mash- All the monsters and the trick-or-treaters then dance to the song Monster Mash. You can use the original version of the song or the Hit Crew's version on their album Drew's Famous Halloween Party Music.

Bats- The trick-or-treaters then discover a tomb in the graveyard and decide to explore it together. As they go towards it Bats fly out of the tomb. Have a group of dancers dressed as bats and have them dance to Batdance by Prince.

Spiders- The trick-or-treaters try to continue on to check out the tomb, but once again they are stopped, this time by spiders. Have spider dancers perform to Spiderman (Junkie XL Remix) from the Spiderman #2 movie. It is by Michael Buble'.

King Tut- The trick-or-treaters finally make it past the spiders and bats and make it inside the tomb. They find King Tut. Have a dancer surrounded by a small herum perform to the song King Tut. Use the original version by Steve Martin or the Hit Crew's version on the album DJ's Choice- Drew's Famous Kids Pop Halloween Hits.

Walk Like An Egyptian- Everyone on stage then dances together to the song Walk Like An Egyptian by the Bangles. During the song have the trick-or-treaters move back into the haunted house.

Scene V

"Halloween Party"

Halloween Bash- Everyone goes back inside the haunted house. No one is scared anymore and the trick-or-treaters decide to invite more from the neighborhood and have a Halloween Bash. Dance to the song Halloween Bash on the Hit Crew's album Drew's Famous Official Halloween Party Music.

Mahna Mahna- For the next series of dances, just have different groups of dancers arrive to the party. Choose fun and interesting costumes that you feel fit the songs. Have this next group perform to the song Mahna Mahna by Cake.

Shake Senora- Have the next group dance to Shake Senora. You can use the version on the Hit Crew's album Drew's Famous Kids Pizza Party Music. Choreograph a conga line into the piece.

Rock Lobster- The next group of dancers can dance to the song Rock Lobster. There is a Hit Crew version on the album Drew's Famous Halloween Party Music.

Wild Thing- The next dance can be to Wild Thing. The Hit Crew has a version of the song on the CD Baseball Party Music.

Popcorn- The next group of dancers can dance or tumble to the song Popcorn. Try the version by Crazy Frog.

Axel F- An additional group of dancers can also do hip hop or tumbling to the song Axel F. Check out the version by Crazy Frog.

Time Warp- The final happy dance is the Time Warp from the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Have all or most of the dancers from this scene perform this dance together.

Scene VI

"Attack On The Haunted House"

Invasion- Suddenly the party at the haunted house is interrupted by sirens and flashing lights. The authorities are crashing the party. Have a group of dancers costumed in black suits and sunglasses come in and dance to Men In Black by Will Smith.

Great Balls Of Fire- Everyone at the party goes crazily nervous. Dance to the song Great Balls Of Fire. You can once again use a Hit Crew version from the album Halloween Costume Party Music.

Fighting Back- The trick-or-treaters decide they have to fight back to save the haunted house. They try to use what they learned from the creatures in the haunted house and cast a wish for an army to fight back. Fu Fighters suddenly enter the scene and dance to Kung Fu Fighting by Carl Douglas.

Saving The Haunted House- The fight for the haunted house is still continuing and the trick-or-treaters come up with a new plan of combat. Now enters another group, dancing and tumbling with glow sticks to the Stars Wars Theme from the main title of the movie. The trick-or-treaters are also fighting back with glow stick props.

Victory- The battle is won and the haunted house is saved. Have all or most of the dancers in this scene that fought the Men In Black, along with the trick-or-treaters, dance to Another One Bites The Dust By Queen. Have a spot light in the middle of the stage and have each dancer go into the circle of light and do 10 seconds or so of tricks or dancing.

Grande Finale- For the grande finale create an organized dance where each group can come on stage, dance briefly, and take their bow. Have everyone in the cast come together on stage by the end of the finale. Use the song We Will Rock You by Waterboy. It is on the album Forever Young.

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