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Disney Theme

Journey Through Disney

Act I

Scene I


1937: Snow White- Whistle While You Work- Have one dancer be snow white and seven dancers be the various dwarfs.

1940: Pinocchio- I Got No Strings- Costume dancers as puppets and have them tap. Create puppet strings by having elastic loops around their wrists and having the string run down to their foot on the same side. Have and elastic loop that loops around the instep of their foot.

1941: Dumbo- Baby Mine- Smaller dancers can be elephants and do ballet.

1942: Bambi- Little April Showers- Young dancers can tap with umbrellas. Costume them in multiple spring pastel colors.

1946: Song Of The South- Tap to Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah.

1950 Cinderella- The Mice Song or Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo- Have one older dancer be Cinderella and have small dancers be mice.

1951: Alice In Wonderland- The Unbirthday Song from the album Mickey's Party Songs- Have younger dancers jump out of large birthday presents. Costume in party dresses and birthday hats.

1953: Peter Pan- Following The Leader- Costume young tap dancers as tinkerbell. If you have a boy student, have him be the leader and be Peter Pan.

1955: Lady & The Tramp- The Siamese Cat Song- Costume young ballet or tumbling students as cats.

1959: Sleeping Beauty- The Three Good Fairies (Sing A Smiling Song)- Perform pointe.

Scene II


1961: 101 Dalmations- Cruella De Vil- Use the version of the song from the album Let's Go To The Movies Vol. 1- Classic Songs From Our Favorite Animated Movies.

1961: Babes In Toyland- Toyland- Create tapping soldiers.

1964: Mary Poppins- Perform tumbling to Step In Time or ballet to Let's Go Fly A Kite.

1967: Jungle Book- The Bare Necessities- Begginner tap students can wear gingham dresses with bear ears.

1970: The Aristocats- Everybody Wants To Be A Cat- Have beginning jazz students be cats.

1977: The Rescuers- Perform lyrical dance to Tomorrow Is Another Day.

1977: The Many Adventures Of Winnie The Pooh- Small dancers can be perform to the song Winnie-The-Pooh by The Chieftains.

1977: Pete's Dragon- Perform ballet to Candle On The Water by Helen Reddy. Have dancers use battery operated candelsticks as props.

Scene III


1981: The Fox And The Hound- Best Of Friends (ballet)

1989: The Little Mermaid- Under The Sea

1991: Beauty And The Beast- Choreography ballet to the song Beauty & The Beast (the soundtrack version by Celine Dion & Peabo Bryson) or tap to Be Our Guest.

1992: Newsies- Sieze The Day

1992: Aladdin- One Jump Ahead- Choose egyptian styled costumes.

1994: The Lion King- Perform modern to The Circle Of Life.

1995: Pocahantas- Have younger dancers be Indians and have them dance to Steady As A Beating Drum.

1995: Toy Story- Strange Things

1996: James And The Giant Peach- Dance to the song Giant Peach (Instrumental).

1996: The Hunchback Of Notre Dame- Tumble to Topsy Turvy. Use tamborines and ribbons as props.

1997: Hercules- Zero To Hero

1998: Mulan- Dance to Honor To All Of Us or I'll Make A Man Out Of You.

1998: A Bug's Life- Tap to The Flik Machine.

1999: Tarzan- Two Worlds by Phil Collins.

Scene IV


2001: The Princess Diaries- Dance to The Princess Waltz (from the original score.)

2001: Monsters, Inc.- Use the song Monsters, Inc.

2002: Lilo & Stitch- Dress dancers in hawaiian grass skirts and have them dance to the song He Mele' No Lilo.

2003: Finding Nemo- Choose blue flowing ballet dresses and dance to the Main Title: Nemo Egg from the original motion picture soundtrack.

2003: Freaky Friday Remake- Use the song Ultimate from the Freaky Friday remake album.

2003: Pirates Of The Caribbean- Tumbling pirates can dance to He's A Pirate from the first movies soundtrack.

2004: The Incredibles- Tumble to The Glory Day from the original motion picture soundtrack.

2004: National Treasure- Use the song Ben from the original motion picture soundtrack.

2005: Herbie: Fully Loaded- Use the song Fun, Fun, Fun from the motion picture soundtrack. Costume the dancers in race car driver suits.

2005: Chicken Little- Use the song One Little Slip or Shake A Tail Feather.

2005: Chronicles Of Narnia- From the movie soundtrack use Arrival At Arlan's How.

Scene V


2006: Cars- Tap to Route 66 by John Mayer on the original movie soundtrack.

2006: High School Musical- Get'cha Head In The Game. Use basketballs for props.

2007: Ratatouille- Perform ballet to Le Festin from the original motion picture soundtrack.

2007: High School Musical 2- All For One

2007: Enchanted- Happy Working Song- Have on older dancer dance in the center and have small dancers dance around her with brooms and rags.

2008: Wall-E- Use the song Wall-E and Eve from the album Walle-E And Eve (Music Inspired By Disney/Pixar's Wall-E by John Van Tongeren. Perform Jazz.

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