Thursday, January 15, 2009

Poll Result

Poll Result

The January 2009 poll question was "Do you offer combination classes in order to accomodate more students?"

85% said Yes


15% said No

My view- I had always been trained that combination classes were not good and dancers should take individual classes to learn the different techniques of dance. As a dancer, I do agree. Although, as a dance studio owner I learned to disagree. Sometimes it is best to offer combination classes. Most combination classes are for the preschool age dancers. This provides them to keep their interest, keep their attention, keep them moving, and they will soon learn which type of dance they prefer better for when they get older. Combination classes for slightly older dancers can sometimes be a good thing. Especially if the dancers are just starting out, have trouble affording classes, or are on a limited schedule with other activities. Combo classes is also a convenient way of getting dancers to take ballet when they aren't excited about it. Of course the older the dancers the longer the combination class can be. Roll up multiple dance styles into one evening, instead of having them at the studio every night of the week. By offering combo classes you can accomodate more students into the weekly schedule at your dance studio. Sometimes you have to do it to keep sane and to bring in enough money. As far as the dance recital, it is up to you if you want each combo class to perform each style of dance on stage or just one dance. For preschool classes I usually had them perform one dance. Dancers a little older were able to perform two or more dances. I would choose a costume that came with multiple matching pieces like a tutu, jazz pants, and a tap skirt that could be worn with the same leotard. The number of dances your combo classes perform also depends on how long your recital is. If you have a small studio, you may want the combo classes to perform multiple times. If your studio is big and your dance recital is already long, then consider one dance for each combination class.

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