Monday, February 16, 2009

Fairies & Fairy Tales Theme

Fairies & Fairytales

Act I

Scene I

"Fairies Of The Ballet"

Lilac Fairy- Opus 66a from the ballet sleeping beauty (Pointe Solo)

Silver Fairy- Opus 66 23c from the ballet sleeping beauty (Pointe Solo)

Gold Fairy- Opus 66 23b from the ballet sleeping beauty (Pointe Solo)

Diamond Fairy- Opus 66 23c from the ballet sleeping beauty (Pointe Solo)

Sapphire Fairy- Opus 66 23d from the ballet sleeping beauty (Pointe Solo)

Song Bird Fairy- Opus 66 3.F from the ballet sleeping beauty (Pointe Solo)

Sugarplum Fairy- The Sugarplum Fairy song from the Nutcracker Suite (Pointe)

Scene II

"Fairy Godparents"

Fairy Godmother- Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo from Cinderella. Have one older dancer be the fairy godmother and dance with a smaller group. (Ballet)

Fairy Godmother From Shrek- Holding Out For A Hero from the Shrek 2 soundtrack. The version by Frou Frou can be used for Hip Hop or the version by Jennifer Saunders can be used for Jazz.

Blue Fairy- When You Wish Upon A Star from Pinocchio (Ballet)

Fairly Odd Parents- The Fairly Odd Parents Theme Song by Aron Apping from the album International TV Themes Vol 2.

Scene III

"Fairies Galore"

Pixies- I'm A Little Pixie by Kidzone from the album Halloween's Trick Or Treat (Small Dancers Ballet)

Tinkerbell- Fly To Your Heart by Selena Gomez from the CD Tinkerbell- Songs From And Inspired By Disney Fairies (Ballet/Lyrical)

Tooth Fairy- The Tooth Fairy Loves Ballet by Mary Lambert from the album Monkey Sing, Monkey Do. (Young Dancers/Ballet)

Thumbellina- Thumbelina by Danny Kaye from the album I'm Hans Christian Andersen (Ballet)

Magic Butterflies- Butterfly by Mariah Carey (Ballet/Contemporary)

Barbie Fairytopia- Rise Above It All (Dance Mix) from the Barbie Fairytopia soundtrack (Jazz)

Elves- The Nutcracker Suite by The Brian Setzer Orchestra (Tap)

Sprites- Welcome To The Grotto's Grove by Johnny And The Sprites (Jazz)

Act II

Scene IV

"Fairy Tales"

Little Red Riding Hood- The song Little Red Riding Hood by IJK Club from the album Sing Me A Story Tell Me A Song Vol 2. (Jazz For Younger Students)

Goldilocks And The Three Bears- GoldiRocks by Judy & David from the album GoldiRocks: A New Spin On Goldilocks And The Three Bears (Jazz)

The Three Little Pigs- Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf by L.L. Cool J from the Disney album Simply Mad About The Mouse (Hip Hop)

Hansel And Gretel- Gingerbread Dream by the Bouncing Balls Ensemble from the album It's A Wee Bit Of Fun (Tap For Younger Students)

Jack And Jill- Jack And Jill by Bradley/Ray McKinley from the album Swingin Down The Lane (Tap)

Jack And The Beanstalk- Jack And The Beanstalk by Peter Combe from the album Toffe Apple (Ballet) or Jack And The Beanstalk by Mary Lafleur from the album More Pink Elephants: Fairy Tale Songs And Poetry (Ballet)

Robin Hood- (Everything I Do) I Do It For You by Bryan Adams (Lyrical/Contemporary)

Peter Rabbit- The song Peter Rabbit by Dee Jay & The Runaways from the album I Love The 60's -1966 (Tap)

Little Miss Muffet- Little Miss Muffet by Miss Jackie from the album Sing About Martin And Other Miss Jackie Favorites (Younger Dancers)

Puss In Boots- Puss In Boots from the Sleeping Beauty Ballet (Pointe/Ballet)

Humpty Dumpty- Humpty Dumty by Jeff Slaughter from the CD Nothing (Hip Hop)

The Gingerbread Man- The Gingerbread Man by Yo Yo Yo Kids from the album Yo, It's Christmas (Hip Hop)

Scene V
"Fairies On The Big Screen"

Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs- Whistle While You Work (Tap) Have one older dancer be Snow White and seven younger dancers be the dwarfs.

Alice And Wonderland- The Unbirthday Song from the album Mickey's Party Songs (Preschool Dancers)

Aladdin- One Jump Ahead from Disney's soundtrack Aladdin (Tap)

Little Mermaid- Kiss The Girl from Disney's soundtrack from the movie The Little Mermaid (Ballet)

Beauty And The Beast- Use the version of the song Beauty And The Beast by Jump5 on the album Walt Disney Records Archive Collection Vol 2 (Jazz)

Enchanted- That's How You Know from Disney's Enchanted soundtrack (combine several styles of dance)

The Wizard Of Oz- Munchkinland Musical Sequence from the Wizard Of Oz soundtrack (Larger Group Production)

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