Monday, June 15, 2009

Rock This House

This past weekend was my daughter's dance recital. The theme was Rock This House and the storyline was based on The Cat In The Hat. In between scenes there were characters that acted out & lip synced to the script from the latest Cat In The Hat movie with Mike Myers. Since the title of the show was Rock This House, there was lots of classic rock music. The opening number was a mix of various well know rock songs, such as We Will Rock You, Sweet Child Of Mine, So What- I'm A Rock Star, Roxanne, etc..... There was also various cat dances, fish, lots of hip hop, and glow in the dark routines. The scenery was nice. There was a giant couch with mini-tramps inside, so that the girl & boy character could jump on the couch, just like in the movie. There was a staircase built around a slide, so that the boy and Thing 1 and Thing 2 could slide down. Thing 1 and Thing 2 jumped out of a giant box that had fog & a spinning ball inside that made a great affect. My daughter's ballet dance was Everybody Wants To Be A Cat and her jazz dance was Girl's Just Want To Have Fun. This was the first year she actually "performed" for the crowd with a big smile & expressions. I was proud of her. I danced in the "Mom's Dance" that was offered this year. Those of us that signed up practiced 5 times at the end of the year and we danced to Beyonce's Single Ladies. It was fun choreography. The audience loved seeing us do all those familiar moves from the music video. I personally loved the opportunity to be on stage briefly again. I didn't tell any of the other mom's that I danced all my life/has a college dance degree/used to own a dance studio. I admit, I have been enjoying the little comments from people who saw the show that say "You were so good," and "Wow, I didn't Know You Could Dance Like That." Once you are a dancer, you're always a dancer. That love and thrill of performing never leaves you!

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