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Dance Through The Decades


Dance Through The Decades

*This recital theme is based on the top musical hits of the 1950's through today.*

Act I

Scene I

Opening Number- Dance To The Music- Open your show with a large production number to Dance To The Music by Sly and the Family Stone. Use multiple classes of different age groups to come on and off stage and dance together. Wow your audience and get them excited to see the rest of the show. You can also find other versions of this song by different artists or that are children's versions. The convenience of the internet now days is wonderful for searching and sampling music.



*The following scenes contain lengthy suggestion for recital music. Pick and choose which ones suit your show and dancers the best. The scenes may be divided into each decade such as the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's and today or combine together such as 50-60's, 70's, 80's, 90's-today

All the music listed is by the original artist. It is fun to list the artist in the program, since the show is about the history of music. You may substitute updated versions of the song, remixes, or children's versions.*

Doggie In The Window- by Patti Page 1953

This dance is of course for little dancers. Costume all dancers as puppies or have them wear dresses and have someone else play the part of the dog.

Rock Around The Clock- by Bill Haley & His Comets 1955

This song may be used for jazz or tap. Have everyone wear poodle skirts and bobbi socks. For scenery you can have a large clock hanging above or a clock that dancers can come out of, run through, and dance around.

The Yellow Rose Of Texas- by Mitch Miller 1955

Tap dance in yellow with a flare of country.

Unchained Melody- by Les Baxter 1955

This music can be used for ballet, lyrical, or contemporary. It is also a nice piece of music to do some lifts to.

Hound Dog- by Elvis Presley 1956

This piece of music is very versitile. Use it for younger children or older children for tap or jazz. Dress as hounds or not.

All Shook Up- by Elvis Presley 1957

A fun dance! Make the scene a soda shop and dance as waitresses and car hops with serving trays.

Jailhouse Rock- by Elvis Presley 1957

Rock out in black and white stripes. Be creative and dance with one leg chained to a partner.

Tequila- by Champs 1958

Costume cylpso style.

The Purple People Eater- by Sheb Wooley 1958

Young dancers will get a giggle out of performing to this silly song. Go head to toe purple.

Get A Job- By Silhouettes

Have each dancer dress in their own costume to depict a different job such as doctor, policeman, fireman, teacher, carpenter, waitress, and so on. It will be interesting for the audience to see.

He's Got The Whole World In His Hands- by Laurie London 1958

Go with the peaceful theme! This song can be used for younger dancers or would be a great choice if you had a class with students with disabilities.

At The Hop- by Danny & The Juniors 1958

This song can be incorporated with the above dance to All Shook Up. Continue with the soda fountain atmosphere.

Yakey Yak- by the Coasters 1958

Just do a fun and lively tap number.

Lollipop- by the Chordettes 1958

This is fun for beginning tap students. Use large lollipops for props, have them hanging from above, or plant the lollipops in large flower pots as scenery. For the lollipops, use large round, flat, colored pieces of craft circle styrofoam. Spray paint them if you need to. Stick a wooden stick into it, wrap it with clear wrap, and tie a bow around it.

Do You Want To Dance- by Bobby Freeman 1958

Pick any costume and any style of dance and just DANCE.

Mack The Knife- by Bobby Darin 1959

Dim the lights, choose dark blue and silver colors, and accent with silver moon images.

Poison Ivy- by The Coasters 1959

A fun and comical dance to tap your feet to. There is also a great version of this song on the Smokey Joe's Cafe soundtrack.

Peter Gunn Theme- by Ray Anthony 1959

Do you have a class of tumblers who want to show off their acrobatic stills? Use this song. Devil costumes would be fun too.

Scene III


The Twist- by Chubby Checker 1960

Think of as many ways to twist all your body parts and keep tapping. Look for a costume that has a twisty, turning, crazy design.

Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini- by Brian Hyland 1960

Pick your cutest & littlest students and have them strut their stuff. There are many versions of this song that you can find on children's CDs.

Who Put The Bomp (In The Bomp Bomp Bomp)- By Barry Mann 1961

Continue Bompin and and keep the pace movin.

Rubber Ball- by Bobby Vee 1961

Use balls as props. Roll them, bounce them, hold them, and toss them.

Mashed Potato Time- by Dee Dee Sharp 1962

Optimize the mashing movements in this dance.

Twistin The Night Away- by Sam Cooke 1962

Go from mashing to twisting.

Shout- by Joey Dee 1962

Encourage some audience participation and get the audience up and moving.

Surfin USA- by the Beach Boys 1963

Think lots of sun and dance or surf boards or with boogie boards.

Wipe Out- by the Surfaris 1963

Continue the beach atmosphere and have another group dance to Wipe Out.

Puff (The Magic Dragon)- by Peter, Paul, & Mary 1963

Awww- Who doesn't love the song about Puff. Costume your sweeties in bright green.

Oh, Pretty Woman- by Roy Orbison 1964

Have dancers wear short puffy spaghetti strap dresses with a big, colorful belts around the waist. Use a purse for the prop. Choreograph the dancers to do a lot of sugar walks high on the balls of their feet to resemble high heels.

Dancing In The Street- by Martha and the Vandellas 1964

Fill the stage with many styles of dance. Don't be afraid to use the Mick Jaggar and David Bowie remix.

Chapel Of Love- by the Dixie Cups 1964

This is always a fun performance. Little brides, veils, and bouquets. Have the girls throw their flowers over their shoulder to a group of "extras."

Leader Of The Pack- by Shangri Las 1964

Ride bikes onto the stage while wearing the black leather look and sunglasses.

(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction- by the Rolling Stones 1965

Great for a basic jazz number and just about any basic costume.

My Girl- by The Temptations 1965

This is a good song for beginning dancers that are a year or two older than the basic starting age. A well paced song that is simple but sophisticated.

I Got You Babe- by Sonny & Cher 1965

The beginning of the funky styles. Have dancers dance in pairs

California Girls- by the Beach Boys 1965

Pick matching bathing suit style costumes or to be more economic and have dancers use their own swimming suit. Lots of opportunity for props such as lawn chairs, beach towels, and sunglasses.

These Boots Are Made For Walking- by Nancy Sinatra 1965

Get all made up with cowboy boots, jean shorts or short skirts, and red & white checkered tops. Attach taps to bottoms of boots or use spats over existing tap shoes. Don't be afraid to use the newest version of the song by Jessica Simpson.

Devil With The Blue Dress On & Good Golly Miss Molly (Medley)- by Mitch Ryder & the Detroit Wheels 1966

It's fun to pick out dark, blue short dresses and just DANCE!

Red Ball - by the Cyrkle 1966

Another choice for a ball dance. Of course you must use red balls.

Yellow Submarine- by the Beatles 1966

Go for bright yellow costuming and use the elements of rise and fall.

Light My Fire- by the Doors 1967

An opportunity for older modern students. Costume in pattened unitards in orange and red hues. Scaffolding would be awesome to hang from while dancing.

Respect- by Aretha Franklin 1967

All studios use this song one time or another. If you used it before, that's ok. Make new choreograhpy that is totally different and use differnent costumes or style of dance.

Jumpin Jack Flash- by the Rolling Stones 1968

I think of jack-n-the-boxes when I hear this song. Have dancers pop out of boxes. Costume in Suspenders and striped socks. Another idea would be to tap dance and jump rope to this song

Magic Carpet Ride- by Steppenwolf 1968

Go with the genie theme and dance barefoot. Colorful rugs or towels can be used for magic carpets.

Aquarius- by Fifth Dimension 1969

Use the teal blue colors to resemble water or dark redish browns to resemble the garnet birthstone.

Sugar Suger- by the Archies 1969

You can only make this dance sweet. Choreograph lots of sugar walks. Use a basic cute costume or pick a costume with a candy theme.

Hair- by the Cowsills 1969

Go for the 70's look and then have dancers wear colorful and crazy wigs.

Spinning Wheel- by Blood, Sweat, and Tears 1969

Make this dance a little hardcore and choreograph speed and show off your strength.

Hawaii Five-O- by the Ventures 1969

Be a little mysterious and hawaiian. Tumble all over the stage.

Scene VI


Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head- by B.J. Thomas 1970

Almost every costume company catalog has a raincoat costume in it. Don't forget the umbrellas. Rain boots are helpful too.

ABC- by The Jackson 5 1970

This is always fun music to dance to. Use your best intermediate tap class. Build wooden boxes to tap on top of and paint them to resemble toy blocks reading A, B, and C. Choose a costume with tap shorts.

Spirit In The Sky- by Norman Greenbaum 1970

I have suggested this routine before for other dance recial ideas. Go for the camo print and jazz it up.

Venus- by Shocking Blue 1970

You can also use the Bananaramma version of the song. Dress dancers in a costume with light weight flowing pieces of material attached to it. Use fans to make them blow while they dance.

Proud Mary- by Ike and Tina Turner 1971

Love this song. Start off slow and have some kind of basic cover up to dance in over the costume that can be easily ripped off. When the music goes fast, rip it off to reveal short, silver, glittery dresses.

Candy Man- by Sammy Davis Jr. 1972

A perfect song for tiny dancers. Costume them in dresses with an apron over the top and a bakers hat. Hold on to wooden spoons as a prop.

Puppy Love- by Donny Osmond 1972

Another dance for little dancers. Have them dance with stuffed animal dogs or costume them in puppy or poodle costumes.

Crocodile Rock- by Elton John 1973

Use the original song or a children's version. Amazingly, you can find crocodile costumes in the dance costume companies catalogs. If you can't, you can dress dancers in green, green pant suits, or incorporate alligator type hats.

Little Willy- by Sweet 1973

This is a song that just makes you want to get up and dance. Choose about any costume to go with your tap shoes.

Monster Mash- by Bobby "Boris" Pickett and the Crypt Kickers 1973

Who doesn't love the monster mash. Have dancers design their own monster costumes or have them wear their own choice of halloween costume. Beware of having the monsters too scarey, though. Smaller dancers or children in the audience can easily be frightened. If you have the ability, use fog on stage or a strobb light. Remember, whenever you use a strobb light it is mandatory to post a warning for people to see when entering the facility, in the program, and if possible make announcement before the show begins.

The Loco-Motion- by Grand Funk Railroad 1974

Go for the railroad theme and do the classic chugga chugga choo choo line. You can also use the newest Kylie Minogue version or a children's version.

Jungle Boogie- by Kool and the Gang 1974

Put animal print on everyone or make children into jungle animals. Drape the stage in vines and think rainforest.

Rhinestone Cowboy- by Glen Campbell 1975

Think tapping cowgirls with lots of bling.

Philadelphia Freedom- by Elton John 1975

You could tumble to this song and just purchase biketards for the class to wear. Another idea would be to use lots of movement on stairs like the famous stairs in the Rocky films.

Kung Fu Fighing- by Carl Douglas 1975

This could also be a dance for a tumbling or acrobatic class. Costume dancers in karate style outfits.

Ballroom Blitz- by Sweet 1975

A good song to tap to. Even more fun to use the version from the Wayne's World movie soundtrack.

The Hustle- by Van McCoyard and Soul City Symphone 1975

Choreograph a basic recital dance using unison and lots of moving straight lines. It could also be an opportunity to have some audience participation.

Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds- by Elton John 1975

Divide dancers into 3 groups and costume them in short red, blue, and green velvet dresses that have visible rhinestones on them.

Mandy- by Barry Manilow 1975

A song that could be used for a solo.

Cats In The Cradle- by Harry Chapin 1975

A small production number using groups to tell the story. Use a small amount of acting and clothing representing the age groups of the lyrics of the song.

Play That Funky Music- by Wild Cherry 1976

Break out the Bellbottoms and groove.

(Shake Shake Shake) Shake Your Booty- K.C. and the Sunshine Band 1976

Continue the hippy bellbottom theme and shake it.

Turn The Beat Around- by Vicki Sue Robinson 1976

Throw a little bit of tropic accent to your hippy scene. You may use the Gloria Estefan version.

Disco Duck- by Rick Dees 1976

A song only for small dancers. Costume in duck feathers head to toe or use less duck accents such as a duck hat.

Dancing Queen- by Abba

A fun time. Choose the same bellbottom costume in 3 to 4 different bright colors.

Hotel California- by the Eagles 1977

I know this is a long song. Either cut it down or use the whole song with several dance classes dancing in the same piece.

Car Wash- by Rose Royce 1977

I have posted this idea before, but have some kids drive out in their toy jeeps. You can use the version of the song from the Shark Tale soundtrack.

Stayin Alive- by the Bee Gees 1978

More bellbottoms and use some colorful changes stage lights. There are remixes and dancemixes of this song that you can use.

Last Dance- by Donna Summer 1978

If the 70's theme is going to be at the end of your show, have this be your "last dance." If the 70's section of your show is right before intermission, have this be your "last dance" before intermission.

Disco Inferno- by Trammps 1978

A dance for some of your stronger jazz dancers. Great for a trio. Choreograph losts of turns to capture the audience's applause.

On Broadway- by George Benson 1978

Change the look to top coat and tails.

Copacabana- by Barry Manilow 1978

Think lots of ruffles and dance on tables and chairs.

Hollywood Nights- by Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band 1978

Go for silver or gold beaded short dresses and keep the hip shaking through the entire song.

My Sharona- by The Knack 1979

A super song for power jazz. Lots of turns, leaps, pushes, and jazz walks.

I Will Survive- by Gloria Gaynor 1979

This is for older dancers. Choreograph nice clean, strong, and confident movements.

YMCA- by the Village People 1979

Add extra dancers in the background to emphasis the YMCA movements. Encourage audience participation.

Ring My Bell- by Anita Ward 1979

An intermediate tap dance that is great for lots of paradiddles.

Tragedy- by the Bee Gees 1979

I think lots of triple hip pushes. There are remakes of this song out there that you can check out.

Shake Your Groove Thing- by Peaches and Herb 1979

Another Bellbottom style dance that is great for beginner to advanced dancers.

The Gambler- by Kenny Rodgers 1979

You're thinking "why this song?" Well, you can use tables to dance all over or one big table. Choreograph tough looks and stare downs.

In The Navy- by the Village People 1979

A tap dance that can be done in sailor costumes.

Music Box Dancer- by Frank Mills 1979

Yes, one of the top 100 songs in 1979. Choreograph pointe work and wear classic tutus. Great for beginning to intermediate tap students. You can build round boxes for dancing and posing on top of like a "music box dancer."

The Devil Went Down To Georgia- by the Charlie Daniels Band 1979

Think down and diry country and dig your tap shoes or tap boots into that stage.

Scene V


Pop Muzik- by M 1980
Go for the 80's punk look and have grade school girls tap to Pop Muzik.

Fame- by Irene Cara 1980 Try to recreate the retro dance attire of the 80's. Striped leotards, dance belts, headbands, leg warmers, and colored tights.

9 To 5- by Dolly Parton 1981
Start the dance with a few girls jumping out of bed in their pajamas. Push the beds up on end to hide behind like they are changing clothes and getting ready to go to work. Have performers than dance out in business suit type clothes. Push bed back down to ground, but turn it upside down to resemble a desk. Have the dancers use the desk in the rest of the performance and at times dance on top of it.

Eye Of The Tiger- by Survivor 1982 Try glittery costumes with a Las Vegas feel or go the opposite extreme and do jungle print.

Chariots Of Fire- by Vangelis 1982 This music can be used for ballet, lyrical, and even some low level tumbling. Incorporate some fun props as hoops and ribbons.

Every Breath You Take- by The Police 1983 Keep air flowing with a lyrical piece.

Flashdance....What A Feeling- by Irene Cara 1983 Go for the 80's style glittery costume with long gloves with streamers hanging off them and glittery headbands or dance briefs with a ripped necked sweatshirt and leg warmers.

She Works Hard For The Money- by Donna Summer 1983 Have dancers dress in different women's jobs outfits.

Puttin' On The Ritz- by Taco 1983
A great song for younger tap dancers. Costume with hats and canes.

Footloose- by Kenny Loggins 1984
A fun and popular song for jazz that can be used for any age student.

Jump- by Van Halen 1984
You could use this song to showcase tumbling students. Of course choreograph lots of jumps like toe touches, but you could also use trampolines to gain extra height.

Ghostbusters- by Ray Parker Jr. 1984
Think out of the box and try a rock style ballet. Fun!

Girls Just Want To Have Fun- by Cyndi Lauper 1984 Turn up the notch on the cute factor.

99 Luftballoons- by Nena 1984 Use balloons for scenery or props.
Let's Go Crazy- by Prince 1984
No recital with 80's music is complete without at least one song by Prince. Pick any selection by Prince.

Uptown Girl- by Billy Joel 1984 Costume dancers in dresses and big hats.

Let The Music Play- by Shannon 1984 Have your imagination go while. Incorporate several styles of dance into this number.

Legs- by ZZ Top 1984 Choreograph a rock kick line. The more kicking legs the better.

I'm So Excited- by The Pointer Sisters 1984 How can you not have fun dancing to this song. A good choice for anyone.

Dancing In The Streets- by Shalamar 1984 Just about anything can be done to this song.

Wake Me Up Before You Go Go- by Wham 1985 Kick up your feet with a a 50's flavor to this well known hit from the 80's.

St. Elmo's Fire- Man In Motion by John Parr 1985

This piece of music is always inspiring. Think of graduation. You could even use little girls in graduate caps and gown. Have them take off their gowns to reveal costumes underneath.

Rhythm Of The Night- by Debarge 1985

This music can be used for a single group or a larger production number. Use the original version of the song or use a remake such as the version on the Moulin Rouge soundtrack.

Axel F- by Harold Faltermeyer 1985 A great choice for gymnastics.

Glory of Love- by Peter Cetera 1986 Slow the tempo down for some ballet.

Take My Breath Away- by Berlin 1986 Continue the feel and pace with this 1986 hit. It would be slick to use some fans for breeze during this piece.

True Colors- by Cyndi Lauper 1986 More float for your show. Lots of color of course.

Conga- by Miami Sound Machine 1986 Shake it up again with this well known song. At some point in the dance you have to use a conga line. Get the audience moving.

Lady In Red- by Chris DeBurgh 1987 Choose older students for some ballet or lyrical choreography. You can only use red dresses for this dance. This could also be suitable for a solo or partnering.

Ballerina Girl- by Lionel Richie 1987 Little girls in tutus or a little bit older girl doing a pointe sole would be fabulous for this piece of music.

Faith- by George Michael 1988 How fun to tap dance to this song. The song is a perfect length. Wear blue jeans with your tap shoes.

She's Like The Wind- by Patrick Swayze 1988 Go for the look from the Dirty Dancing Movie and choreograph some ballet or lyrical.

Kokomo- by The Beach Boys 1988 Go tropical and use this number for a simple ballet. A homeade costume idea is to wear regular leotard and tights and take an elastic type belt and hang colored bandanas in triangle shapes for the skirt.

Don't Be Cruel- by Cheap Trick 1988 Tap your heart away!

Candle In The Wind- by Elton John 1988 This is a wonderful song. Fill your stage with lyrical choreography and wear white halter dress Marilyn Monroe style.

Fast Car- by Tracy Chapman 1988 Earthy and natural and choreograph abstract modern.

Piano In The Dark- by Brenda Russell Featuring Joe Esposito 1988 Slip into smooth and dance around a piano on stage. Don't forget to dim the lights.

Miss You Much- by Janet Jackson 1989 You can't forget to use some favorite music by Janet Jackson. Use the feel from her music videos, but do not copy the original dancing.

Wind Beneath My Wings- by Bette Midler 1989 A favorite that everyone knows. Choreograph ballet for older students or dress younger students in fairy wings.

Wild Thing- by Tone Loc 1989 Break out into hip hop and get funky. If your lucky enough to know a break dancer, use it. You could use the idea of hip hop outfits in with a little animal print.

Bust A Move- by Young MC 1989 Continue the hip hop theme to this fun and clean song.

Batdance- by Prince 1989 Get into character mode and become bats. Go for the whole batman or batgirl look.

Scene VI


Vogue- by Madonna 1990 Go for the modeling theme and open the scene with the well known Madonna hit.

Pump Up The Jam- by Technotronic 1990 This can be used for hip hop, jazz, or tumbling. Biketards are easy costumes.

Step By Step- by New Kids On The Block 1990 Builds some steps to dance on.

Rhythm Nation- by Janet Jackson 1990 Put on the clunky boots and baseball hats and march to the beat.

U Can't Touch This- by MC Hammer 1990 Hip hop to the original or use a children's version.

Black Cat- by Janet Jackson 1990 Get down into the floor and turn dancers into cats. It will be purrrfect!

Swing The Mood- by Jive Bunny and the Mastermixers 1990 This is such a fun melody of songs. The Jive Bunny Mix was popular in the 90's, but you could use this version of the beloved favoites back in the 1950-60's scene.

Gonna Make You Sweat- by C +C And The Music Factory 1991 Hit it hard with hip hop to this all around dance hit.

Good Vibrations- by Marky Mark And The Funky Bunch 1991 Pick up the pace a notch and speed up the hip hop.

Coming Out Of The Dark- by Gloria Estefan 1991 Slow it down and get serious with powerful lyrical. Choose darker dresses and start with darker lighting and have it slowly grow brighter by the end of the dance.

Summertime- by DJ Jazzy Jeff And The Fresh Prince 1991 Resume the funk and put your newest hip hop students on the stage.

Achy Breaky Heart- by Billy Ray Cyrus 1992 Please the country music fans with this older hit. Tap those timesteps all over the place.

Rhythm Is A Dancer- by Snap 1993 Dance or tumble to this hardy mix.

The River Of Dreams- by Billy Joel 1993 Use long pieces of blue material to run patterns across the stage.

All I Wanna Do Is Have Some Fun- by Sheryl Crow 1994 Have some fun doing this dance.

Kiss Like A Rose- by Seal 1995 Older students in red lyrical dress would look beautiful. Stimulate the eye by maybe using a combination of red and dark pink dresses.

Colors Of The Wind- by Vanessa Willians 1995 This is a perfect opportunity for small dancers to perform. Find Indian costumes and have them dance to the popular Disney hit of the 90's.

100% Pure Love- by Crystal Waters 1995 This can be used for jazz or to showcase a tumbling class. Use heart print.

Cotton Eye Joe- by Rednex 1995 You can't help but tap your toes to this all time favorite. Incorportate tricks, tumbling, kicks, flips, leaps, and a little tap and jazz.

Macarena- by Los Del Kio 1996 Fun for beginning jazz students. You can also find fun children's versions of the song.

Because You Loved Me- by Celine Dion 1996 Have students dedicate this dance to their parents for all of their love and support.

I Will Love You Always Forever- by Donna Lewis 1996 Go for delicate jazz, contemporary, or tumbling.

Beautiful Life- by Ace Of Base 1996 Do some hardcore jazz or tumbling.

How Do I Live- by Leann Rimes 1997 Some emotional mournful ballet or lyrical will go nice.

MMMBop- by Hanson 1997 Young jazz dancers will appreciate this song.

The Kiss- by Faith Hill 1998 Choreograph for modern or lyrical students who are older.

Kiss The Rain- by Billie Myers 1998 Continue with the kiss theme and find an upbeat mix for a tumbling display.

Believe- by Cher 1999 This was a popular hit of the times.

Baby One More Time- by Britney Spears 1999 Everyone will relate to one of the most popular hits from Britney Spears.

Livin La Vida Loca- by Ricky Martin 1999 This is such a fun song. Have a Ricky Martin impersonator lip sync with a microphone stand and go for the music video feel.

Scene VII

"Music of Today"

2000 and On

Breath- by Faith Hill 2000 Modern dance and use the element of "breath."

Smooth- by Santana Featuring Rob Thomas 2000 Choose jazz and have students use their improv skills.

Bye Bye Bye- by 'N Sync 2000 Turn students into puppets and use your creativity to attach them to strings.

You Sang To Me- by Marc Anthony 2000 Get deep with emotion while thinking of a loved one and choreograph lyrical.

Blue (Da Ba Dee)- by Iffel 65 2000 Music that can be used for smaller jazz students or a tumbling class. Your only choice is blue when picking costumes.

Lady Marmalade- from the Moulin Rouge soundtrack 2001 This movie had such great music. Dress dancers in different can-can style costumes. Go for darker makeup.

I'm A Bird- by Nelly Furtado 2001 A nice arrangement for beginning modern student's first performance piece.

I Hope You Dance- by Lee Ann Womack 2001 This is one you just can't leave out of the show. See my idea for this song in the "Happy New Year" recital post.

Superman (It's Not Easy)- by Five For Fighting 2001 Go for something different and do your own tribute to superheros. You do not literally have to dress dancers in superman costumes. Go for a classic costume and add a simple non-distracting long or short cape. Leave the capes on or take them off to twirl.

I'm A Slave 4 U- by Briney Spears 2001 Yes, it's a slighty provactive song, but use it with clean choreography and costumes for older students.

Get The Party Started- by Pink 2002 Dance to the radio edited version or use the children's remake from Kidz Bop.

A New Day Has Come- by Celine Dion 2002 If you need some inspiration during this point in your show use this song by Celine Dion.

Hey Ya- by Outkast 2003 This song is weird, funky, and fun. Lots of shimmeys, shakes, and don't foreget the wrist flicks when shaking your polaroid picture.

Me Against The Music- by Briney Spears Featuring Madonna 2003 Spice up the jazz walks and work the stage.

With You- by Jessica Simpson 2004 I think of dancing in briefs and a men's button down shirt with long hair and using pillows for props and play pillow fights.

Breakaway- by Kelly Clarkson 2004 Build large scooters that can be pulled across the stage be someone in the wings. Have a dancer dance on the scooter and then be pulled while moving on top of the scoooter.

100 Years- by Five For Fighting 2004 Use the human life cycle for inspiration and use dancers from the vaious ages showcased in the lyrics.

Hollabeck Girl- by Gwen Stefani 2005 Go for the Gwen Stefani look and hip hop and jump.

Switch- by Will Smith 2005 Hip hop with partners and switch as many differnent ways as you can.

Rich Girl- by Gwen Stefani 2005 Slow the jazz a little bit and use a funky look accented by fur and pearls.

Bad Day- by Daniel Powter 2006 Contemporary dance and use the floor a lot.

You're Beautiful- by James Blunt 2006 For older dancers dancing contemporary

Hips Don't Lie- by Shakira Featuring Wyclef Jean 2006 Fun to perform with a partner of the opposite sex. Use this song for those in a ballroom dance class. Incorporate a little belly dancing.

Unwritten- by Natasha Bedingfield 2006 The most perfect song for a contemporary piece. Simple white dance dresses with say it all.

Crazy- by Gnarls Barkley 2006 A funky song that isn't extremely long.

Sexyback- by Justin Timberlake 2006 Make the most of your jazz walks and break out the sunglasses and the model stare.

Black Horse And The Cherry Tree- by K T Tunstall 2006 So fun for a modern dance. Bare feet and accents of black & red or cherry print would be fun. Have some extra accompanyment on stage with some bongo drums or dance to the bongos before the song begins.

Jesus Take The Wheel- by Carrie Underwood 2006 Slip into a little serious country. Add a safety message in the program about the importance of car seat and seatbelt safety.

Pump It- by The Black Eyed Peas 2006 How fun to do some funky and slinky ballroom moves with a partner.

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