Saturday, December 1, 2007

How To Do Simple Hair Buns

How To Do Simple Hair Buns
Here is a quick and easy bun hairstyle, especially for parents of children that panic about learning to put a bun in their child's hair for a recial. Pull hair into a ponytail in the center of the back of the head. You should not be able to see the ponytail when you look at your face in ther mirror. Take a sock and cut the toe off of it. Put your arm through the sock. Roll the top of the sock from top to bottom until the entire sock form as donut shape. Take your "sock donut" and pull the pontytail all the way through the center of it until the donut is touching your head. Have the dancer drop their head all the way foreward so that the ponytail falls over the top of the donut in a circular fan pattern. With your fingers, adjust the hair to cover the entire sock donut. Take an elastic band that is the same color as the dancer's hair and put it over the entire sock donut. Have the dancer lift their head up. Twist and tuck all of the extra loose pieces of hair under and around the bun in the same direction and secure with bobby pins. Spray with hairspray and use additional spray or gel to tame loose hairs on the rest of the head. A hairnet may also be used over the bun if you wish. Using damp hair for the entire process works the best. For small child dancers or for dancers with not a lot of hair use a smaller child's sock. For older dancers, for longer hair, or for a larger bun effect, use a larger sock, such as a men's tube sock. It can also be useful to sometimes use a sock that is similar to the same color of the dancer's hair.

For more examples on other ways to create hair buns, watch this great video that I found on Youtube from the Anaheim Ballet.

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