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Dance Like A Princess Theme

Dance Like A Princess

Scene I

"Become A Princess"

Every Girl Can Be A Princess- This is a song from the Disney Princess Tea Party Album

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes- Perform ballet to this Disney Classic and start dreaming about transforming into a princess.

Take My Breath A Way- Be beautiful like a princess and dance to a nice piece of music for lyrical, Take My Breath Away by Berlin.

What A Wonderful World- Everything is wonderful in the world of a princess. Dance to What A Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong.

Scene II

"Pretty Princesses"

Cinderella- Create a scene with an older dancer playing the part of Cinderella and small dancers playing the part as the mice. Dance to We Can Do It, We Can Do It from the original Cinderella Movie by Disney.
Belle From Beauty & The Beast- Again, have and older dancer on stage costumed as Belle and have dancers tap to Be Our Guest. Dress them is little waitress outfits and have them use serving trays as props.

Aurora From Sleeping Beauty- Perform the Garden Waltz from the ballet Sleeping Beauty. Cutt hula hoops to form an arch. Twist a garland of silk flowers around it and each dancers hold the wreath of flowers above their heads as they dance. Costume in long tutus and place a wreath of flowers in their hair.

Jasmine From Alladdin- You can costume dancers as genies and dance to the song A Whole New World. Incorporate magic carpets or rub some magic lamps.

Snow White- Have one dancer be Snow White and have 7 dancers play the dwarfs. Dance to Whistle While You Work.

Pocohantus- Get Indian Costumes and do a two part dance. Have smaller dancers dance to Steady As A Beating Drum and then have an older dancer dance to Colors Of The Wind.

Aerial- Do a larger production number of Under The Sea song from the Disney movie The Little Mermaid. Dancers can be mermaids and you can also incorporate some other groups of dancers to me fish and other forms of sealife.

Gisselle From Enchanted- Celebrate the newest Disney Princess from the movie Enchanted. Choreograph a dance to That's How You Know by Amy Adams from the original soundtrack.

Princess Diana- Pay tribute to the much loved Princess Diana. Use the song choices of Memories Of Diana from the Homage Of Princess Diana CD, Candle In The Wind by Elton John, or Princess Diana from Princess Diana The Musical.

Scene III

"Must Haves Of A Princess"

The Dress- Play dress up and dance to If I Glittered from the Strawberry Shortcake Music For Dress Up Days CD.

Glass Slippers- Choreograph to Lots Of Shoes by Aunty E from the Rockstar Princess Album

Tiara- Put a tirara on everyone's head a dance classical ballet to the waltz from the Princess Diaries soundtrack.

Gems- Have young jazz students perform to the song Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend

Manners & Etiquette- Wear party dresses with white gloves and use the Manners & Etiquette song from the Disney Princess Tea Party CD.

Feel Pretty- The song I Feel Pretty from the musical West Side Story, of course

Magic Wand- Grasp magic wands and dance to Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo from Disney's Cinderella

Scene VI

"Princess To-Do List"

Slay The Dragon- The CD from the TV show Dragon Tales has quite a few choices of dragon songs on it.

Outwit The Evil- Check out the version of Ding Dong The Wicked Witch Is Dead by the Hit Crew or from the Kidz Bop Halloween CD.

Avoid The Poisoned Apple- Try tapping to the song One Bad Apple by the Osmonds.

Clean Up The Quarters- Have a princess on stage dance with little girls dressed as animal friends. Use the song Happy Working Song from Disney's Enchanted soundtrack or you could use the We Can Do It, We Can Do It song that the mice sang in Cinderella.

Meet A Prince- Make this dance energetic with the song Holding Out For A Hero by Bonnie Tyler from the Footloose Album or you could use the version of the song off the Shrek soundtrack.

Go To The Ball- Some song choices for staging your own little ball are The Prince Is Giving A Ball song or the Waltz For A Ball by Julie Andrews from the original broadway cast of Cinderella.

Live Happily Ever After- End the show with the hit Ever Ever After by Carrie Underwood featured in the Disney Enchanted movie.

*An idea for the finale is to have all your dancers wear any kind of their own princess costume on stage at the end of the show.*

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