Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Favorite Costume Companies

My Favorite Costume Companies

This is a list of my favorite dance recital costume companies. I have had good experiences with these companies and have been satisfied with the products and costumer service. My favorite company that I deal with the most is Liberts. Ordering is fast and simple and the deliveries arrive very quickly. Their costume choices are basic, but there is plenty to choose from and lots of mix and match pieces. There is also plenty of good quality dancewear to choose from. Costume and dance wear prices are very reasonable. Most of all, Liberts has a great dance shoe selection with the best prices that I have found anywhere. They carry the major brands of dance shoes, such as capezio, danskin, and bloch. Although, they make their own Liberts brand of dance shoes that have wonderful quality and fantastic prices. Be sure to try out the Liberts dance shoes, they are great. I have also been really impressed by their dance tights. Once again, they sell the major brands of tights, like Capezio, but they produce a Liberts brand of tights. The Liberts tights come in quite a few different styles and offer many color choices. The Liberts tights are priced so low and the quality is awesome. The other costume companies that I have used and been happy with the costumes and service are Costume Gallery, Dansco, Weissman's, Wolff Fording, and Leo's. Art Stone also has great costumes, but the prices are more. Discount Dancewear is a great catalog that a lot of dancers and teachers get in the mail often. They offer a large selection of dancewear and dance shoes and the quality is good. The Discount Dancewear now offers more of a selection of dance dresses and performance wear, as well as some cheer apparel. Remember though, that if you use apparel from this company, that parents can have access to this catalog. So, don't charge a huge markup. All other major costume companies are very particular about only dance teachers receiving access to their catalogs. The Leo's company is also awesome, because within their costume catalog and website they list several music selections to go along with each costume. How convenient is that?

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  1. Dansco has really ugly costumes that is why they are cheap...I own my studio ands Find them to be very snippy on the phone last yr...will never use them again....