Monday, December 3, 2007

Entertaining Small Dancers Backtage

Entertaining Dancers Backstage

The hardest part for the moms helping backstage is entertaining the students while they wait. It is a must for the moms to keep the dancers under control so that they do not become restless, loud, or run around. Give your helpers ideas to keep the peace. Have them play quite games as simon says, guessing games, or eye spy. Play a simple game with movements that can be a warm up before the show.

Dressing room moms can bring books to read, coloring sheets, card games, or best of all a portable DVD player with some children's dance movies. Here is a cool sight where you can quickly and easily create a word search. Type in all the dance words you can think of and then it automatically creates a word search. Hand it out to older students to keep them occupied. http:/
Be clear if you do or do not allow food or drink in the dressing area or while dancers are in costume. Check the rules of the facility you are using and then set your rules for how you want dancers to handle food and drinks. Lots of times only water is allowed while in costume and food is allowed only after costumes are taken off after performing. If dancers are going to only be backstage for a short time, then food is usually not necessary. If your dance recital is 4 hours long, then you have to be realistic and expect dancers to need a snack at some point. Snacks should be provided by the students themselves or by the backstage moms if they are very willing.

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