Monday, December 3, 2007

Organized Costumes In A Dressing Room

Keep Everyone's Costumes Organized In The Dressing Room

Have dancers bring their costume and dance shoes in brown grocery sacks. Clearly right the dancers name on the front of the bag and line the bags up on the floor. All dancers need to do is reach into their bag to find all of their costume essentials when getting dressed and then everything is quickly placed back into the bag when dancers undress. This way a dressing room full of dancers can quickly find their own stuff and not loose or accidently switch costume pieces with someone else. It is much easier for dancers to stay organized with this "sack" system than with racks full of costumes that seem to never get hung up properly. When dancers leave the dressing run, have them double check their belongs and make sure they have everything or that their stuff is ready to go and in good condition for the next performance.

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