Tuesday, December 18, 2007

iDance Theme


*This theme celebrates the technology of today.*

Scene I


Computers- Open the curtain with a large production number to Axel F.

Internet- Have dancers perform to We Connect by Stacey Q.

You Tube- To represent the various kinds of videos that people place on the You Tube website, dance to the song Oops, I Did It Again by Britney Spears.

My Space- Try the song My Space by Brooke Hogan

Blog- How about the song You'll Be Mine (Party Time) by Gloria Estefan

Google- You can dance and maybe even tap to the comedy song Google It by SR2.

Yahoo- Check out the song Yahoo by Erasure

Face Book- Be creative and experiment with the song Shiny Happy People by R.E.M.

E-mail- Students can dance to E-mail My Heart by Britney Spears.

Digital Camera- Small dance students can dance to the song Click that Click the camera sings in Go Diego Go Live or the TV show.

Scene II


Cell Phone- Try the song Cell Phone by George Benson

Camera Phone- Use these music choices for this dance or the above cell phone dance, Call Me by Blonde or Call Me Anytime by PYT.

GPS Navigation- A funny children's song is Are We There Yet by Catherine Russell on the album Grandma Rocks.

Texting- A great song to use for this is The Texting Song by The Slumber Party Girls.

Ringtone- Dance a modern, comical piece to Ringtone by Allone Word.

Scene II


MP3- Find a dance mix to Listien To The Music, originally sung by the Doobie Brothers.

IPod- Check out the song I Love My IPod by Daphne Kalfon.

IPod Shuffle- Perform some hip hop to Push It by Salt-N-Pepa or Push It To The Limit by Corbin Bleu.

iTunes- Select the popular song Music by Madonna.

Podcast- Dance some more hip hop to Things That Make You Go Hmmm by C & C Music Factory.

Satellite Radio- Slow down and dance to the song Satellite by The Dave Matthews Band.

CD- Close this scene by dancing to the song You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) by Dead Or Alive.

Scene VI


DVD- Try Lets Go To The Movies from the original motion picture soundtrack from the musical Annie.

High Definition- Some music suggestions for this is Larger Than Life by The Backstreet Boys or any version of the song I Can See Cleary Now.

Digital Video- A popular song to use could by the song If I Were A Movie from Hannah Montana.

Flatscreen TV- The main title song from Star Wars would do the job of representing this dance theme.

Wii- Have fun and dance or tumble to I Like To Move it by Crazy Frog or from the Madagascar movie soundtrack.

TiVo- Smaller dance students can get the point across by dancing to the song See You Later Alligator by Billy Haley & The Comets. You can also make this dance the last dance in your show as a way to say good-bye.

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