Monday, December 3, 2007

Never Wear Undies With Tights

Never Wear Undies With Tights

I am hear to inform everyone who has never been told, you do not wear underwear when wearing dance tights. This is for dance class and on stage. Go commando under dance tights. There will be no panty lines and most of all, no undies sneaking out in the line of sight. It's fine and not a big deal. It doesn't feel any different. Always double check, though, that you don't forget any separate dance briefs under costumes that are dresses or skirts. As a dance teacher, you will sometimes get a complaint about this from a parent or student. State the fact that this is a common practice of dancers and not your own made up rule. If there is a student that is absolutely having a major problem with this and won't dance unless wearing underwear, let it go. It is not worth the fight in that situation. If students have their periods, of course tampons are the best option. If young girls haven't mastered the tampon experience yet, pads can be worn just fine inside tights without underwear. It is not noticeable or bothersome at all. Pads can also be trimmed to fit the contour of the crotch of costumes, if need be.

Now, older students going through puberty or past puberty should wear some sort of supportive bra under dance wear and costumes. I wish someone had told me when I was young about the consequences of dancing bra less all those years. Your boobs do get saggy. Don't let students go bra less onstage and let breasts be seen through costumes illuminated by bright lights. Have older dancers wear nude colored body liners to wear under costumes. They are great and come in many different styles.

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