Sunday, December 2, 2007

Students Dropping Out Of Recital

When A Student Drops Out Of The Recital

How do you handle when a student drops out after signing up for the recital. If a student drops out after paying the costume deposit but before you order the costume, return the deposit amount. The small amount of money is not worth the bad word of mouth that can be spread by an unhappy parent. If a student drops out after you have ordered the costume, politely inform the parent of the costume consent form rules that you hopefully had them sign. Nicely explain you can not refund or return the costume, since it was already ordered. Although, tell the parent you will make one informative phone call to the company to inquire about a possible cancellation or return. Try a phone call to the company and see what they say. All you can do is try. Sometimes they will graciously let you return or cancel. If you succeed or give a little effort, it will make the leaving parent a little happier and hopefully not leave spreading any bad word of mouth. No matter how annoyed or bothered you feel, always be polite.

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