Sunday, December 2, 2007

Dancing Divas

Dancing Divas

Scene I

"Go Girl"

Girls Just Want To Have Fun- Open your show girl power with this well know hit by Cyndi Lauper. Use the original song or another version such as the one by Kidz Bop.

Dancing Queen- Go with a funky costume only a young girl would love and top with a little tiara. Dance to Dancing Queen by Abba.

The Glamorous Life- Step it up with some extra bling and choreograph to Glamorous Life by Sheila E.

Material Girl- Get a little more extreme and perform to Material Girl by Madonna. It would be great to get some guys or even dads in tuxes to play escorts to your dancers.

Barbie Girl- Glam up your little girls and turn them into the ultimate barbie doll. Search on itunes and you will come up with a long list of different artists and albums that have this song.

Macarena- Adolescent girls love to do the Macarena. Choreograph the basic moves into your dance. Once again, there are a zillion versions of this song. You can also fine other songs that use the melody or chorus in it that would be acceptable to use.

Scene II

"What A Girl Wants"

What A Girl Wants- by Christine Aguilera

Open the scene with this title song. Perform a little slower and soft hip hop or a faster lyrical routine.

To Go Shopping- Use the song Shop Around by the Miracles. Tap dance while carrying shopping bags and boxes.

Talk On The Phone- Dance to the song Why Haven't I Heard From Your by Reba McEntire. Get creative with the props. Collect used telephones or just the receiver part and spray paint it a fun color with glitz. You could also collect old cell phones to use. To get even more into the theme, construct telephone booths with long stretchy cords attached to the phone. Get super creative with your choreography.

Have A Slumber Party- Will the stage with PJ's and pillows and dance to the Slumber Party Girls Theme. Young girls can dance to the song Slumber Party by Bill Wellington. Also, check my archive section for Everything Thing Will Be All Right in the Dreaming scene of the No Business Like Show Business recital idea and With You in the Music Of Today scene in the Dancing Through The Decades recital idea.

Text- Another talking on the phone idea. Use The Texting Song by the Slumber Party Songs. This really shows the sign of the times.

Dress Up- Have your dancers dress themselves up on stage and dance to the song Dress You Up by Madonna.

Go To The Beauty Shop- Perform to Beauty Shop drop out from the musical Grease.

Have A Birthday Party- Have your littlest dancers dance to A Very Merry Unbirthday from Disney's Alice And Wonderland. See my post under the Happy New Year Recital Idea.

Be A Cheerleader- Choreograph a pom pom/cheer type routine to any type of dance mix. A cute song for little dancers is Little Cheerleader by Judy Pancoast from the children's cd Are We There Yet.

To Have A Boyfriend- Dance to the song Boyfriend by Ashlee Simpson or the 80's song Lets Hear It For The Boy. You could also dance to about any song about love.

Lots Of Friends- Get crazy and dance to I'll Be There For You, the theme song from the TV show Friends by The Rembrandts.

Scene II

"What A Girl Likes'

Hannah Montana- Choreograph to the hit Nobody's Perfect.

Aly & AJ- Use the song Potential Breakup Song

Cheetah Girls- Choose a hit from the Cheetah Girls, such as The Party's Has Just Begun or Strut.

High School Musical- The girls right now love Disney's High School Musical. I am an adult and I love it. Dance to We're All In This Together, Summertime, or All For One.

Scene IV

"It's Sometimes Hard To Be A Female"

I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman- Pay respect to the issues that isn't always easy to grow as a girl. Slow the pace of your show down for a moment with this song by Britney Spears.

Girls Aren't Always Nice- Every girl encounters dealing with the mean girls in life. Do an energetic but comical dance to chorus of Hey Hey You Your, I Don't Like Your Girlfriend from the song Girl Friend by Avil Lavigne.

Stranger- This song is by Hillary Duff and it has a Hiram feel to it. It's about controlling boyfriends who aren't very nice.

Scene V

"Girl Power"

Girl Power- There are several songs named Girl Power by The Cheetah Girls, Kidzone, and by The Hit Crew on the album Teens Just Want To Have Fun. You could also use the song Hollaback Girl by Gwen Stefani.

We Go Together- Incorporate a little retro and hand jive to this familiar hit from the musical Grease.

We're All In This Together- If you didn't use this song in the previous scene, you can end the show with this popular hit.

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