Monday, December 3, 2007

Print Programs For Less

Print The Programs For Your Show For Less

Having the programs made for your dance recital can cost a good chunk of change. First of all, have your programs "copied" by a service such as Kinkos or OfficeMax. It will cost less than having the programs actually "printed" by a company that works with a printing press.

Sell "happy ads" that can be placed in the back of the program to families of dancers. Dancers' loved ones can send messages of congratulations for all to see. Charge by the inch or by the word and charge extra for pictures. The audience loves to have reading material to look at before the show and during intermission. It is also ok to ask local businesses to sponsor your show by placing an advetisment in your program. Send out letters to business owners telling them about your performance and informing them how many people attend your event. Keep the price very reasonable. Business owners like any form of cheap advertising. There may also be families in your dance school that own local businesses, that may love the extra attention. Suggest that those families include a photo of their dancer or her friends in their ad.

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