Saturday, January 5, 2008

Colors Theme


Act I

Somewhere Over The Rainbow- Open the show to the song Somewhere Over The Rainbow. You can use the Judy Garland version or another remake, such as the one by Katherine McPhee. A group can dance this number or even a solo would be very different. I suggest staging this piece as very basic, a little dark, and done in black, white, or gray. After this opening number, you can then explode your stage with color. It will give your show an artsy edge.

Scene I


Red- by Laura Freeman

You can open most of your color scenes with a song from the children's album Color Chart Wheel by Laura Freeman. These songs about each of the different colors are great for smaller students to dance to.

Hot, Hot, Hot- by Buster Poindexter

Get the speed moving with your show with a flashy jazz number.

99 Red Balloons- by Nena

Continue the pace with some students a little younger than the last group. Of course bring the red balloons out on stage.

Lady In Red- by Chris De Burgh

Perform ballet or lyrical in a beautiful red ballet dress. Dance in a group or a solo.

The Red Shoes- from the ballet The Red Shoes

Dye the pointe shoes red and create your own Red Shoes Ballet.

Red Hooded Sweatshirt- by Adam Sandler

This is a fun song for modern dance. It's very comical!

Scene II


Blue- by Laura Freeman

Once again have young dance to open the scene.

Blue (Da Ba Dee)- by Eiffel 65 or Crazy Frog

A perfect song for hip hop or jazz.

Blue Man Group- any song by Blue Man Group

Explore your options from any of the tracks by Blue Man Group. Lots of good stuff for modern dance.

Blue- by LeAnn Rimes

Choreograph some ballet or lyrical.

Devil With The Blue Dress- by Mitch Ryder

End this scene with a blast. Have dancers do tap or jazz in dark blue dresses.

Scene III


Orange- by Laura Freeman

Once again open the scene with a Laura Freeman song.

Orange Crush- R.E.M.

Older students can do modern or contemporary to this song.

The Orange Tree- Philip Glass

This is a nice piece of music. Students can perform modern or ballet.

Sunrise, Sunset- From Fiddler On The Roof

Go with the vision of orange and dance to this well known song.

Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me- by Elton John and George Michael

Continue with the sunset scheme and end the scene with a number to this song.

Scene IV


Purple- by Laura Freeman

Open the scene with young girls costumed in purple.

Purple Rain- by Prince

Older students can perform modern or contemporary to this well known song.

Purple People Eater- by George Thorogood

Crack the audience up by having your younger students perform to this.

The Color Purple- From The Original Broadway Cast Recording

Most everyone should remember the movie or stage production of The Color Purple.

Deep Purple- by Donny and Marie Osmond

Pick a retro purple costume and tap or jazz dance to this song.


Act II

True Colors- by Cyndi Lauper

Open the second act by a contemporary, lyrical, or ballet dance to the song True Colors. An idea would be to costume the dancers in rainbow colors.

Scene V


Green- by Laura Freeman

Open the scene with the Laura Freeman song. You can decorate your stage with bright outdoors theme all in shades of green.

Green Light- by Beyonce

Use a dance mix of this song.

It's Not Easy Being Green- by Kermit The Frog

Have the baby students costumed as frogs and you could even put them on lily pads.

Green- by Peter Mayer from the Midwinter Album

This is a nice piece of music. Get green and earthy.

We're In The Money- from the musical 42nd Street

End the green scene with a bang and tap in bright green and think dollar bills.

Scene VI


Yellow- by Laura Freeman

Open the scene with Laura Freeman again.

Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini

Yeah, it seems I am always suggesting this song. It is just so cute and memorable.

Yellow Submarine- by Kidz Bop, Kidz Zone, Hit Crew, and many other children's music albums.

Big Yellow Taxi- by Joni Michell or Amy Grant

Find a yellow and black checkerboard print costume that resembles a taxi cab.

Banana Smoothie- by The Naked Brothers Band

This could be a fun song for beginner jazz students.

Scene VII


Pink- by Aerosmith

The next two scenes do not have Laura Freeman songs to open the scene with. I continued on though to offer a few more scene choices for a larger show.

Pink Houses- by John Mellencamp

Try tap or modern to this song for something different.

Pink Cadillac- by Bruce Springsteen or Natalie Cole

You could do tap or jazz to this song. Go for the pink poodle skirt costume.

Pink Panther Theme- by Henry Mancini from the original motion picture

Think sneeky and maybe do some tumbling.

Bubble Gum- by Kid's Night Out

A nice song for kids to tap to.

Scene VIII

Black & White

Black Or White- by Michael Jackson

I grouped black and white together, but you could do it in separate scenes.

Black Velvet- by Alannah Myles

Of course go with black velvet costumes

White Christmas or Let It Snow- from any Christmas album

Find white Christmas Costumes trimmed in marabou and give the audience some early Christmas cheer.

Old Black Magic- by Louis Prince

A good song for tap.

Chapel Of Love- by Bette Midler

Costume little girls as brides and have them tap.

Black Horse & The Cherry Tree- by KT Tunstall

Use this popular song for a modern dance.


Any Dream Will Do- from Joseph And The Technicolor Dreamcoat

Bring all your dancers together to dance on stage. Dress them in the different colors or dress them in white or black and then have them dance or wave different colored ribbons to make up a rainbow.


  1. This is a great theme! I found an awesome rainbow costume and now I am trying to find a hip hop songto go along with it...Can anyone help??? Thanks!!!

  2. The song Nearly Missed by Elmo & Rosie O'Donnell is a great kids song for a beginner hip hop class. The song is about nearly missing seeing a rainbow!

  3. Thanks so much!!!