Sunday, January 6, 2008

Landscapes Theme


Act I

Scene I
*Before the show begins and before the curtain rises, have jungle sounds playing. I suggest Rain Forest from Sounds Of Nature (Sampler) by Chuck Plaisance & Suzanne Doucet. *

Jungle Love- by The Time

Open the show with a jazz or hip hop number with dancers costumed in various animal print.

Monkeys- I Like To Move It from the Madagascar soundtrack or by Crazy Frog

Have a younger group be monkeys.

Exotic Birds- In Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Room (Macarena Dance Version) from the Disney Archive Collection Vol. 2

Beginning jazz dancers or younger tap students can be birds. Costume in bright feathers.

Tarzan- You'll Be In My Heart by Phil Collins from Disney's Tarzan movie

Choreograph a ballet number and costume in tan short dresses with a choppy hem lines.

Snake- Cold Hearted by Paula Abdul or Snake Charmer by Kidz Jamz from the album Jungle Jamz

Find scaly looking unitards. For the Snake Charmer song, perform tumbling.

Baby Elephant- Baby Elephant Dance by Kidz Jamz from the album Jungle Jamz

Give this song to your littlest students.

Mosquitoes- Mosquito Song by Rosie Emery & Nick Fulleringer on the We're All Connected album

You can go with unitards again and maybe put some wings on too.

Hukuna Matata- from the Lion King

End the scene with this familiar song. Possibly costume dancers like green vines.

Scene II


*During the scene change, play ocean sounds, such as Ocean Waves from Sounds Of Nature (Sampler) by Chuck Plaisance & Suzanne Doucet.*

Sail Away- Orinoco Flow by Enya

If you don't want to call this dance Sail Away, you could call it just ocean, the sea, coral etc..

Whale- Tickle The Whale by the Wonder Pets or Baby Beluga by Raffi

Have your baby dancers perform in sweet little baby doll styled tutus or dresses.

Lobster- Rock Lobster by the B-52's

If you don't want to do the whole Lobster look, just go for bright red costumes.

Henry The Octopus- by the Wiggles

Have young dancers dance around a larger student dressed as an octopus. Examine Henry the Octopus on the Wiggles children's show. It looks like an easy costume to recreate. Don't worry about the head part. Have the dancer's own head stick out of the costume.

Mermaids- Under The Sea or Kiss The Girl from Disney's Little Mermaid

Perform tap or ballet in mermaid styled costumes.

Three Little Fishies- by Maria Muldaur or any other version

This dance is for the tiny dancers.

Waves- Under The Waves by the Blue Sea Band from the Finding Nemo- Ocean Favorites album

Pirates- any of the exciting music from the Pirates Of The Caribbean movies

Close the scene with your advanced tumblers.

Act II

Scene III


*During intermission, play nature sounds such as birds, breezes, loon calls, and flowing water. Try Forest Morning from the Sounds Of Nature (Sampler) by Chuck Plaisance & Suzanne Doucet*

Ugly Bug Ball- by Burt Ives or the version by Kidzone from the Animal Rhymes Vol. 2

Put some logs in the background as scenery and have your little bug dancers sit on the logs as the curtain goes up.

Campfire- Marshmallow Song from the Veggie Tales CD, Bob & Larry's Campfire Songs

Dance around a pretend campfire in the middle of your forest.

Deer- There Is Life or Bambi And The Great Prince from Disney's Bambi 2 movie.

This dance would be for ballet. You could use some light up Christmas lawn deers on the stage.

Rockin Robin- any version of the popular song, such as the one by Sugar Beats.

Have little girls tap in red and black feathers.

Bears- Bare Necessities any version of the popular Disney song

This is another common, well known song for dancers to tap to.

Bees- Busy Busy Bee by Kinzone from the Animal Songs & Rhymes Vol. 2 or the song Hey There Little Insect.

Trees- by Marty Casey

This is a fun song for older students and would be fun for modern or contemporary.

Chipmunks- Witch Doctor from the Alvin & The Chipmunks movie soundtrack.

Scene IV


*Play some lonely desert sounds or music during the scene change, such as A Night In The Canyon from the Sounds Of Nature (Sampler) by Chuck Plaisance & Suzanne Doucet.*

Grand Canyon Suite- by Morton Gould And His Orchestra and Max Pollikoff

Perform some ballet in sunset colors and decorate the stage with rocks and cactus.

Wild Wild West- by The Escape Club

Have some tumbling cowboys or funky hip hop dancers.

Cactus Christmas- by Brian Setzer Orchestra

Tap dance, but watch out for the Cactus!

I Wanna Be A Cowboy- by Boys Don't Cry

Ok, more cowboys and possibly more tumbling.

Cotton Eye Joe- by Rednex

Perform in jean shorts and red check.

Rocks- Rock N Roll Music by Chuck Berry or I Love Rock N Roll by Joan Jett

Be prepared to parents to give you a funny look when you say their kids are going to be "Rocks" in the recital.

Desert Rose- by Sting

A nice selection for contemporary or modern dance.

Storms In Africa- by Enya

Keep up the theme from the last dance and build this dance up from the beginning to explode at the end to close your show.

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