Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Haunted House Theme

Haunted House Theme

Act I

Scene I

"Trick-or Treat"

*Begin the show with trick-or-treaters going to a haunted house.*
I Want Candy- by Bow Wow Wow
Tootsie Roll- by the 69 Boyz
This Is Halloween- by Kidz Bop Kids (ballet for small students)
The Addams Groove- by the Ghost Doctors on the album Halloween Party Music (hip hop)
Somebody's Watching Me- the version by Kidz Bop Kids (use for hip hop)
Nightmare On My Street- by DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
Thriller- by Michael Jackson

Scene II

"Send The Specialists"

*This scene is about going inside the haunted house to see what is inside.*
Ghostbusters- by Ray Parker Jr.
Witch Doctor- the remix from the 2007 Alvin & The Chipmunks movie.
Scooby Doo- by The Hit Crew
Men In Black- by Will Smith

Scene II

Purple People Eater- by Sheb Wooley
Werewolf- Wooly Bully by The Hit Crew from the album Bestest Kids Halloween Songs Ever
Ghosts- Casper's Lullaby by James Horner
Phantoms- Use the Phantom Of The Opera theme from the musical soundtrack or the dance mix version.
Skeletons- Stayin Alive by the Bee Gees or the N-Trance dance mix. (Try unitards with a glow in the dark skeleton pattern on the front.)
Devils- use the Peter Gunn Theme Song.
The Monster Mash- by Bobby Boris Pickett & The Crypt-Kickers. Close the scene with the different types of mosters dancing together.

Scene IV

"Scary Things Come From Afar"
Twilight Zone- by Kids Rap'n The Halloween Hits
Robots- Mr. Roboto by The Hit Crew or Styx
Aliens- Heartlight by Neil Diamond. (Have pre-school students in dresses do ballet and have a little boy student come out in an ET costume and dance in the middle.)
Theme From Jurassic Park- by L'Orchestra Cinematique from the album The Very Best Of Cinema & TV Classics.

Scene V

Do You Believe In Magic- by Aly & A.J.
Harry Potter Theme- from the movie soundtrack or the version by the Halloween Party Album Singers. (Use for ballet)
That Old Black Magic- By Louis Prima
Abracadabra- by Steve Miller Band (Maybe incorporate some magic tricks into the show.)
Wizards- Wizards In Winter by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra (tumbling routine)
Wicked Witch- Defying Gravity by Idina Menzel from the Wicked soundtrack. You can also use the dance mix or pop version.
Great Balls Of Fire- from The Hit Crew's album Halloween Costume Party Music.

Scene VI

"Creepy Crawlies"

Itsy Bitsy Spider- by Robert Walsh from K-tel Presents Kid's Spooky Halloween Songs & Stories
Spiderman Theme- from the Hit Crew's album Halloween Costume Party Music. Spiderwebs- the Spidey Suite from Spider-Man 2 soundtrack. (Do a modern dance and have dancers use white ropes as props. Use the ropes for designs and to build creative webs. Dress dancers in blackunitards.)

Bats- Batdance by Prince

Black Cat- by Janet Jackson

Scene VII

Scream- by Michael Jackson
Pink Panther Theme- by the Instrumental Champions on the album At The Movies
Smooth Criminal- by Michael Jackson
Crazies- Psychokiller by The Bobs
Super Freak- by Rick James (Hip Hop)
Le Freak- by Chic
King Tut- by Steve Martin or The Hit Crew Version

Scene VIII

"Halloween Party In The Haunted House"
The Great Pumpkin Waltz (Charlie Brown)- by The Hit Crew Kids Halloween Movie Themes
Dingle, Dangle Scarecrow- by My First Album Performers from My First Album (for small students)
Little Shop Of Horrors- from The Hit Crew's album Halloween Costume Party Music
Devil With The Blue Dress- from The Hit Crew's album Halloween Costume Party Music
Wild Thing-
Woo Hoo- by the 5, 6, 7, 8,'s on the album Bomb The Twist.
Jump In The Line- from Beetlejuice soundtrack or the album The Hit Crews Kids Pop Halloween Songs.
Time Warp- from the Rocky Horror Picture Show

*During the scene changes play spooky songs or scary instrumental songs such as the theme from The Exorcist or Monsters Inc. *

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