Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Cool Dance Videos

Cool Dance Videos
This is a popular and entertaining video that is posted on Youtube. It is Ok Go- Here we go again. I just think this is so clever and fun to watch!

This is a video of Bolero choreographed by Luis Montero. I actually performed this same piece of choreography at NIU under the direction of Luis Montero. This is not the performance I was in, but a video clip off of Youtube of the same choreography performed in Chicago. Luis Montero basically travels throughout the country staging his Bolero piece for different dance companies and universities.

This is just a cool piece of video from the Anaheim Ballet that I got off of Youtube. It has fun visual effects.

This is the final four in season two of So You Think You Can Dance performed to the song Sexyback. It's just fun!

The Will Rodger Follies is one of my favorite musicals. Here is a video clip from Youtube of Favorite Son from the show.

I Love this piece of choreography that Travis & Heidi did on season two of So You Think You Can Dance. It was choreographed by Mia Michaels. This clip is from Youtube.

This piece of choreography has nice composition. The technique isn't 100%, but it was choreographed nicely.

OK, more great favorites from So You Think You Can Dance.

This is a clip from You Tube of my favorite show in Maui, Hawaii- Ulalena! If you are ever on the island of Maui, you must see this show. It's great and awesome choreography! The music is also fabulous. Definitely get the CD from Ulalena!!!!!

This is a clip off of Youtube from the musical The Will Rogers Follies, which was performed on the Tony Awards Show.

Of course this music video by Beyonce in awesome! Fabulous & captivating choreography!

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