Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Dance Quotes

Dance Quotes
Here is a good link to some dance quotes!

Glitter Text @ Glitterfy.com


  1. Hi! What a great website!
    Do you have a poem that could be inserted into our program for recital about why we hope everyone stays for the whole show?

    (sometimes parents of the little ones leave after intermission and miss the older girls!)

  2. Thanks for taking time to look at my blog! I am glad you like it!
    One thing that I have found that helps the audience stay until the end of the show is a grand finale. If all the dancers come on stage for a grand finale dance (not just standing there are waving) then people usually stay until the end of the show to see their dancer. I would also print in the program "Your Applause Is Our Inspiration." You can also state in your last dance studio newsletter that it is appreciated that parents & their guests stay until the end of the show. Remind them that ALL the dancers have worked hard and deserve a full audience. If you want a poem or saying, I will keep thinking!