Tuesday, April 15, 2008

School Dances

Themes For School Dances

There are lots of people wanting to know theme ideas for school dances. Here are some ideas if you are looking to plan a homecoming dance, holiday dance, a "mixer" gathering for Jr. High or High School, or a full blown prom!

Theme Ideas!


Costume Party

Hollywood Glam With A Red Carpet

Beach Party (In The Winter)

Mardi Gra

Spring Fling

A Night In Paris

Retro Anytime- Dress in retro from any decade.

Dance For A Cure- Raise money towards a cure or a green cause.

Western- Incorporate square dancing.

Fairytale Ball

Black & Red Holiday Dance

Dance Your Pants Off- Have dance contests and challenges.

Sweetheart Dance

Friends Dance- No dates, everyone comes as friends.

Girl Ask Guy Dance- Pull a switcharoo and have girls ask guys for dates.

Starry Night- Hold the dance outside.

Harvest Moon

Pajama Party

Black Light Dance

Karaoke Dance

Go Green Dance- Hold the event on St. Patricks Day and incorporate a cause for going green to save the earth.

Sunglasses At Night

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