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Hooked On Dance Theme

Hooked On Dance

All the music for this theme comes from the same album, the Hooked On Classics Collection by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. Each piece of music is longer, therefore you can use several groups of dancers within each dance. This creates fewer dance pieces in your program, but the pieces of choreography are larger and more like mini shows within your recital. For each dance use several groups of dancers varying in ages and abilities. Keep the choreography exciting with lots of entrances and exits, different costumes, and various props. If you are looking for a recital theme that is pure artistic or a recital that doesn't keep your audience in their seats for hours on end, then this theme is for you.

Act I

Scene I

"Hooked On Classics"

Use the song Hooked On Classics (Pts 1 & 2)

This is a fun piece of music to use for the opening of your show. Use an Olympic theme as you choreograph the piece. Start off with dancers using long colorful ribbons attached to a stick. Then have dancers merge onto the stage with hula hoops. Incorporate other groups of dancers using jump ropes, flags, and balls. Vary the movements with ballet, modern, lyrical and tumbling. Think outside of the box when creating movements with these common props. Costume dancers in basic leotards that have a small amount of sparkle on them. This piece of music is 5 min. and 6 sec. long.

Scene II

"Hooked On Romance"

Use the song Hooked On Classics (Pt 3)

For this piece of music create a wedding, ballet style. Use older dancers, adolescent dancers, and tiny dancers. Create a corps of bridesmaids, jr. bridesmaids, flower girls, brides, and grooms and ring bearers if you have the man power. Have dancers on pointe and in ballet slippers. Use flowers, floral arches, or ribbons for props. You can even throw rose petals for extra excitement. Create a scene of an outdoor garden wedding. This piece of music is 6 min. and 1 sec. long.

Scene III

"Hooked On Tchaikovsky"

Use the song Hooked On Tchaikovsky

Create an exciting mini nutcracker piece. The music also contains some other of Tchaikovsky's well know pieces of music, but incorporate it all to fit the style of this famous musician. Of course use ballet and pointe, but you can also throw in other styles of dance to make the piece that much more interesting. Use fantasy style scenery to create a different look and feel from the previous two numbers. This piece of music is 5 min. and 28 sec.

Scene VI

"Hooked On Sousa"

Use the song If You Knew Sousa or Hooked On Marching

End the first half of your show with some excitement. Create a faster paced tumbling routine. Incorporate tumblers of different levels and abilities. You can use different styles of dance within this piece, but concentrate on eye appealing acrobatics or stunts. Both choices of songs are about 3 and a half minutes long.

Act II

Scene V

"Hooked On America"

Use the song Hooked On America or Journey Through America

Choreograph a patriotic number using red, white, and blue and stars and stripes. Again use multi-aged dancers and this time use different styles of dance within the piece. The Hooked On America song is 4 min. and 8 sec. and Journey Through America is 3 min. and 27 sec.

Scene VI

"Hooked On The Sea"

Use the song Symphony Of The Seas

This piece goes along the same line as the last patriotic number, but this time it is all about sailors and the sea. This piece of music is great for tapping. Use different age groups of tap students and costume them all in different sailor outfits. This piece of music is 2 min. and 49 sec.

Scene VII

"Hooked On A Can Can"

This is the perfect number to end your show. It is very energetic and entertaining. Create a larger scale can can number. Use older dancers for this piece. Choreograph lots and lots of kicks and ever changing kick lines. Also incorporate some tumbling, tricks, and splits. Pick classic can can costumes with large puffy skirts that the dancers can lift and flip. Have many large entrances and exits, so that it gives the illusion that there are hundreds of dancers participating in this routine. This piece of music is 5 min. and 57 sec.

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