Tuesday, September 9, 2008

These Shoes Are Made For Dancing Theme

These Shoes Are Made For Dancing

Act I

Scene I

"Boots Boogie"

Boots- Tap dance in boots or spats over tap shoes. Dance to the song Boots Are Made For Walkin. Use the updated version of the song by Jessica Simpson.

Cowboy Boots- Pick some cowboy costumes and dance to 5,6,7,8, by the group Steps. Perform Jazz or Tumbling or a combination of both

Rain Boots- Tap to Singing In The Rain by Gene Kelly. Wear spats over tap shoes and raincoats and umbrellas.

Snow Boots- Have the dancers wear boots, hats, mittens, and scarves with tights and a leotard. Super Cute! Have them dance to Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Use the version from The Brain Setzer Orchestra.

Construction Boots- If you have a class of younger students or a class with a boy or boys, choreograph a dance to Can We Fix It from Bob The Builder- The Album (soundtrack from the TV Show.) This song is nice because it is extended to 3 Minutes and 9 seconds long.

Hiking Boots- Check out the song Lost In The Wilderness from the original cast recording from the musical Children Of Eden.

Scene II

"Dancing Shoes"

Ballet Shoes- Perform a classical ballet number in ballet slippers to Waltz Of The Doll (From Coppelia.) Use the version by Classical Child on the album The Classical Child At The Ballet.

Tap Shoes- Tap to the song Happy Feet (High Heels Mix) by Jack Hylton & His Orchestra on the Something For Everyone Album.

Pointe Shoes- Beginner or intermediate pointe students can dance to Music Box Dancer by Frank Mills.

Jazz Shoes- Perform a classical jazz dance to All That Jazz from the musical Chicago.

Clogs- Perform some clogging, if you have the talent. Try the song Clogging Feet from the album Authentic Canada.

Scene III

"Sports Action"

Sneakers- Wear some funky sneakers and do some jazz or hip hop to the song Sneakernight by Vanessa Hudgens.

High Tops- Have all dancers wear high top gym shoes and perform to Getcha Head In The Game from High School Musical.

Velcro Sneakers- Try the song Rip It Up by Little Richard.

Kleets- Dress dancers in a sports style costume, such as baseball or football. Dance to All Star by Smash Mouth.

Act II

Scene IV

"Party Shoes"

Party Shoes- Dance to the version of the song Party Shoes by Kidz Bop Kidz

Boogie Shoes- For Jazz dance to Boogie Shoes by KC & The Sunshine Band.

High Heels- Dance in red character shoes to the song Red High Heels by Kellie Pickler.

Patent Leather Shoes- Have younger students tap in black mary jane style tap shoes. Dance to Baby Take A Bow by Shirley Temple.

School Shoes- I don't know if school shoes are considered party shoes, but they are usually the nicer shoes that one would wear school and also to other "dressier" events outside of school. Try the song Be True To Your School by The Beach Boys.

Blue Suede Shoes- Perform jazz to the song Blue Suede Shoes by Elvis Presley.

Scene V

"Summer Soles"

Flip Flops- For a dance for small dancers use the song Flip Flops by Wila Brigham from the children's album Healthy Happy Habits. For a dance for older students use the song Summertime by New Kids On The Block.

Sandals- Use a great summertime song like Under The Boardwalk by Bette Midler or any version of the song Walking On Sunshine.

Crocks- Try the song Crocodile Rock by Elton John or any other version, such as the one by the Hit Crew on their album Pool Party Music.

Scene VI


Slippers- Do a modern/contemporary dance in pajamas and slippers to the song Pajamas by Livingston Taylor on the album Good Friends.

Booties- Have your youngest dancers perform to Rock-A-Bye Baby. A version suggestion is from The Little Series, Dream A Little Dream.

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