Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Crazy Dayz Theme


Act I

Scene I

"Just Plain Crazy"

Crazy- by Gnarls Barkley (Hip Hop/Jazz)

Crazy- by Seal (Lyrical)

Crazy- Crazy (James Michael Mix) by Alanis Morissette (Contemporary/Jazz)

Crazy- by Patsy Cline (Tap)

Crazy- by Aerosmith (Contemporary)

Crazy- by LeAnn Rimes (Ballet)

Crazy- by Paula Abdul (Contemporary)

Crazy- by Simple Plan (Modern)

Crazy- by Snoop Dogg (the clean version) (Hip Hop)

Crazy- by Andy Bell (Jazz)

Crazy- from the Andrew Lloyd Webber 60 Album

Crazy- by Lumidee (Hip Hop)

Scene II

"Going Crazy"

Lets Go Crazy- by Prince (Jazz)

I Go Crazy- the Giuseppe D's Radio Edit by D.H.T. Featuring Edne'e (Jazz)

We Were'nt Crazy- by Josh Gracin (Contemporary)

Crazy 4 Ya- Use the clean version by Sona Family (Hip Hop)

Crazy For You- by NSYNC (Jazz)

She Drives Me Crazy- by the Fine Young Cannibals (Jazz)

Boom Boom Ain't It Great To Be Crazy- by Barney (Preschool Dancers)

You Drive Me Crazy- by Britney Spears (Jazz)

Got Me Going Crazy- by The Jonas Brothers (Jazz)

If The World Was Crazy- by Shel Silverstein from Where The Sidewalk Ends (Modern Performed To Spoken Word)

Scene III

"Love Those Crazy Things"

Crazy Frog- Use any of the remakes by Crazy Frog, such as We Like To Party, Get Ready For This, Who Let The Frog Out, Cotton Eyed Joe, or Hip Hop Hooray (Jazz/Hip Hop)

Crazy Legs- by Gene Vincent (Tap)

Crazy Baby- by The Blasters (Tap)

Crazy Little Thing Called Love- by Queen (Tap)

Crazy In Love- by Beyonce (Jazz)

Crazy For This Girl- by Kidz Bop Kids (Modern/Contemporary)

Crazy For You- by Madonna (Contemporary/Ballet)

Crazy Car- by Barenaked Ladies (Jazz)

Crazy Bus- by Joe Toolbox Fallon (Preschool Dancers)

Scene IV

"Crazy Dayz"

Crazy Crazy Party- by The Firebirds & Jim Plummer (Tap)

Those Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days Of Summer- by Nat King Cole (Tap)

Crazy Summer Nights- by Hope Partlow (Jazz)

The Crazy Dance- by Go Fish from the album Party Like A Preschooler (Preschool Dancers)

Crazy On The Dance Floor- by Sabrina Bryan & The Cheetah Girls (Hip Hop)

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