Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Dance Recital T-Shirts

Dance Recital T-Shirts

Dance recital t-shirts are a great way to promote your annual dance production and your dance school. The t-shirts can also be reused for future events such as casual or smaller performances or parades. You can have students purchase the shirts at your studio or you can sell them on the actual day of your dance recital. I have found it to work well by building in a small additional cost to the costume fee, so that every student receives a t-shirt along with their recital costume. I then would have all the students wear the recital t-shirt for the grande finale of the show. I would assign that they wear something like black dance pants or certain colored shorts to wear with the t-shirt. It always ended up looking nice to have all my students match on stage at once for the finale.

A company that I highly recommend for great quality recital t-shirts that are decently priced is Dance World Bazaar. The website is http://www.dawobaz.com/. The great thing is that they have a lot of stock designs that your studio's name and info can be easily added onto. It is quick and easy to receive and approve samples and the minimum order number is 36 t-shirts. Dance World Bazaar also does custom designs. There were a couple times that they created a special design for me from my own idea or a picture that I had gathered somewhere else. The best part is that the recital shirts are very affordable. There is a small additional charge if you want multiple ink colors or colored shirts other than white, ash, or natural. For an additional $2 per shirt you can also include a list of all the dancer's names on the back of the shirts. I did this several times and it turned out great. Dance World Bazaar can also do program covers and posters to match your recital graphic. You can also pay to have your artwork sent to you on CD-ROM. Dance World Bazaar also does other things like studio logos, other types of dance apparel, dance bags, and jackets. Check it out!

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