Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Musical Inspiration Of The Day!

Here is a new children's album that was featured on Live With Regis And Kelly this morning. The album is by Neil Sedaka and it is called Waking Up Is Hard To Do. The children's songs on the album are remakes of the popular songs that he wrote throughout his career, but the lyrics are changed to suit young kids. His grandchildren even sing with him on some of the songs.

I checked out this album on iTunes and some of the music would be very fun to use in dance class or for recital dances. The song Dinosaur Pet is great if you are looking for recital music for dancing dinosaurs. How many times have you seen those cute dinosaur costumes in the recital catalogs, but can never think of a unique dinosaur song besides Puff The Magic Dragon and Everybody Walk The Dinosaur. The song on the album called Where The Toys Are would be a nice ballet song for younger beginner ballet students dancing in a toy shop themed recital. The song Lunch Would Keep Us Together is just plain fun and would be cute to use during dance class. Laughter In The Rain could be used for tap dancing with umbrellas and raincoats and the song I Go Ape is a good choice if you were looking for a monkey jazz dance.

Browse this album and let me know what you think!

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