Thursday, July 16, 2009

Funny Dance Recital Stories

I want to hear your funny dance recital stories!

When I was a teenager, my dance teacher accidentally fell in the orchestra pit during dress rehearsal!

Please comment and tell us about some of your humorous stories that happened during recital season or on stage!

Lets have some fun and share!


  1. The wings in our theatre usually have stairs at the end - but they weren't put up on rehearsal day, and when we got there, they hadn't turned the lights on yet, and our teacher walked right off the end of the wing!

  2. I had a child start removing the tape on the floor during her dance.She was on all fours like a puppy dog digging up her bone during the entire dance!She was joined by a few friends and the place went wild!

  3. One little girl just stood there after her dance had ended-waving to the audience. a teacher had to carry her off so they could start the next number.

  4. One of our adult tap numbers was Dirty Boogie, by Brian Setzer. When I announced the number, I said and now our Adult Tappers are going to wow you with a "Brian Setzer" tune called Dirty Boogers. It took a while for the dancers to come out on the stage since the audience would not stop laughing.!!!