Monday, July 6, 2009

Preserving Dance Recitals

Once your dance recital is over for the year, you like to preserve your show. Dance teachers and studio owners have video and pictures of the performance, that for the next year are used for promotional tools. The video of the recital is played over and over in the lobby of dance schools on registration day and in the lobby on a continuous loop, while parents and siblings wait during class. Numerous photographs are hung on walls and bulletin boards.

After years and years of teaching or owning a dance studio, you collect piles and piles of memorabilia. Why not make a special archive of all your shows. On the shutterfly website you can create the most awesome and beautiful hard covered photo books. Create your own book of photographs for each dance recital that you have produced. Include group photos, candid photos, and rehearsal photos. In the lobby of your dance school, make a book shelf to display your library of dance recitals. Parents and students can leisurely look at, flip through, and read about each production as they hang out at the studio. It is a classy way to show off your work and a creative way to keep organized.

I have made many hard covered books from shutterfly and they turn out great. I make a book for each year of my 4 children's lives. After each birthday, I give them their story book. They enjoy looking back at their memories and seeing how much they have grown. When they grow up, they will have a collection of books all about their childhood. I enjoy making the books for them and I am hoping that all the love I put into the books will be something they cherish in the future. You can do the same thing at your dance studio!!


  1. That is a great idea. I also found something similar called You can pay one time yearly fee and you have access to templates for scrapbooks, postcards, invitations, and even slide shows. I made my dance recital scrapbook from smilebox template. You can post them on your myspace or facebook or website. You can also print each page and go to walmart and by a photo album to slide each page in making your own scrapbook. Just an idea. :-)

  2. I love this idea! I've used the scrapbooks using my Mac computer for personal, but I never thought about a studio one. is another place that has templates to make books.